July 7 2017 More Panic

Please let that be a glimmer of hope
Damn it. Forgot to schedule something and now there's a mad rush to get people to book what I need, and I'm waiting to see whether this is possible or not. Sinking pit in stomach. Damn it. Hate this. Totally hate this feeling.

Am very unfocused at the moment and need to change this. Have to focus on one item at a time and get each item done properly. Please - let this damn booking work.

The pooch is also restless for some reason and I don't know why.

Okay, okay, okay. I fucked up with the non-booking. It may still be salvaged but then again, it may not and there could be more effort required of me.

Think of one good thing that happened, and then close this post and move on to the next item, whatever it may be.

AB - he isolated a muscle, beat the shit out of it, and suddenly my lower back is flexible enough in the morning that I can bend over at the sink to wash my face. That's good.

Tonight - going to see The Merchant of Venice at BoB. That's another good thing.

Feeling very unsettled today. Must. Find. Equilibrium. Again.