July 4, 2017 Another Birthday

Happy birthday everyone!
Well. So many birthdays in July. This one will doubtless be noisy and flashy with many fireworks everywhere. Unless you are participating in a hotdog eating contest. Speaking of hot dog, the pooch is feeling hot. I've been giving him tepid baths to cool him down. He perks up only when the sun goes down and the air cools down. The problem is that the shoebox faces the West so when the sun sets, and finds the perfect angle to pierce the window, the box gets hot, and the patio even hotter. I feel I should get the 'original cobra mister' that's on sale below. I could have a blue or green mister blasting a fine mist of water into the air, and if there's a wind blowing, then it may cool the area down.

Foggy times ahead
But all that is theoretical because my mind is fuddled. Can't think properly. Don't know what to eat, don't know what to listen to. Definitely don't know what to write. This is the way things will be for the next few weeks. It happens every year in July. But mustn't think of that now. A good thing happened today - the report that I was certain I read a few weeks ago, but then couldn't find last week, showed up. And I was vindicated. I didn't dream it. This report could be important as it talks about the state of Science in Canada, and how one must change, and how we should be doing Science, and how we've drifted away from fundamental Science and are now writing promises that we can't possibly keep. So there you go, there's a champion for Science now. And about time.

Doing or not doing what I want to do or not
The long weekend is over now, but I don't feel rested at all. Partly heat, partly too many thoughts running through head, and partly trying to placate too many people. I would like to go on a proper holiday where I go somewhere I want to be, and do something (or nothing) that I want to do (or not). To not have to step around somebody's feelings or worry about how something will be taken. Actually, when all is said and done, maybe what I'm looking for is a medically induced coma so that I don't have to think. That's one option. The other is to go somewhere remote (yet reasonably comfortable)  where I can disconnect from the interwebs and let the muscles, tendons and fascia relax properly so that my body regains the shape it's supposed to be in, and not feel sore or achey all the time.

Cherry pie (not Sade's)
And that's it for now - I can't think of what else to say. Made custard pie, and cherry pie this weekend in order to test out a new pastry recipe, and also to try out blind baking. Pastry - not very good recipe. Don't like it, quite tasteless. Think too that may have overworked pastry cos was a bit hard and brittle rather than crisp with a bit of chew to it. The blind baking experiment, however, worked out well - used aluminum foil with sugar instead of parchment paper and beans (hate the way it crinkles). So now I've eaten a bunch of pastry and my stomach isn't feeling all that great. Must go for a run around the neighbourhood to shake it out of me. Maybe by then, it'll be cool enough to take the poochie out for a run in the field without him going all heat-sluggish and panty on me.

Gawd, what a boring post. Blame the heat.