June 8 2017 Ho. Hum.

Slow and steady gets flushed
More reading. More critical reviews. More questions to answer. More administrative red-tape to do so that red-tape bureaucrats have something to do so they can justify their existence. My existence is that of a slug caught in a salt-storm without an umbrella or protective gear. The day is crawling by - actually the day isn't crawling by, it's my mind which has slowed down and I can't shake this feeling of lassitude, nor the irritating, sub-nagging pain on the right side of my body which is all stretched tight from using the damn mouse while I read and write, write and read, write and edit, read, write and edit and all for what? So that someone can file this drivel and do nothing about it except say, that they've filed a whole bunch of stuff, and can we have another filing cabinet, and once they do, they'll turn to the likes of me and say that they need more stuff to file. I'm feeling disgruntled, and part of that feeling is generated the likes of the rotting tangerine and his family who can do unethical things, be immoral and yet reap the financial rewards of the world, and proceed to take the high moral ground over us who actually deal with facts and trying to ensure that all are treated fairly. Oh, I should really try and think positive thoughts but I don't want to.

Stretching is not something that comes naturally
Amnesty - I shall give myself amnesty today from having to fulfill my tracking app that decrees I must do 150 minutes of activity today. I shall also take massive quantities of ibuprofen to lessen the dull ache in my right side even as i try to stretch at every opportunity. The appointment for Monday can't come soon enough at which point, I'll have someone stretch me out on the rack. It'll be painful, but well-worth it. Then maybe after I've been stretched out, i'll go be tied up and hung up like a ham in red ropes and let AB bat me around to assess how well I balance when hanging in the air without any earthly support.

Fake food
I shall also give myself amnesty from not eating sugary materials - two Purdy Chocolates have been downed, and I shall go seek a butter tart or other sweet, fatty (butterfat) and floury goodness - not to the body, but to the soul. There's something very voluptuous about eating sugar that's been melted together with butter then whipped into a gooey mess that overwhelms the taste buds so you can't taste anything for all the sugar. In other news, I have purchased two things which I hope will help with life in general. The first is another rainbird kit for the patio irrigation system which has gone to hell because of all the tweaking and moving around of pots and containers. It'l be a fresh start as it's been at least two years since the first system went in. The second is the book by Marie Kondo, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up". I've read the introduction already and she promises that my life will change - really - if I follow her instructions for tidying up. Time will tell. But something's got to give. I'm losing control over what happens in my life and it's very annoying and not very zen-inducing.

Dumb, poorly fitting glasses - to hell with you. You spark no joy.
In the weeks to come, I intend to increase the distance and time I run, and decrease the time I spend reading the news. I'm not going to go cold turkey right away on this, but will wean myself off it. 15 minutes a day first, then 10 then 5 then none. I'll see if I can manage to prevent myself from reading the click-bait news that comes out, and instead listen to podcasts that analyze the events rather than sensationalize the news. This way, I'll become ever slimmer and more erudite. The other thing to do is to fix my reading glasses - the pair I use at work sucks big time. Okay, now to go do the rest of the work items so that I can go let the pooch out and sniff around - not that he will because it's still raining out there. Bah. .