June 6 2017 Read, write, stretch

Big-headed dog with big waist
It's been about two weeks since I last came here, and it's almost time to give the pooch his anti-flea medicine, the damn wind storm blew most of my cherries away - there're three hanging on to dear life now, and had to write an application on phagocytic cells - do you have any idea just how many kinds there are? Sheesh. Who was to know that when I started in Chemistry I would get sucked into this morrass of biology. Bah. The pooch is doing well and adjusting to the reduction in his food supplies. I thought he was getting somewhat chubby last month (lack of a waistline) and suddenly realised that I'd got the feeding portions wrong - double wrong as a matter of fact, and that he'd been eating two times as much as he should be getting (Score! Woof!). No wonder he was getting chubby so have had to wean him down to a more normal diet before he got metabolic syndrome (which no doubt I will have to write an application about some day. Anyway, he's well, and in doggy terms, that means nice solid poops and minimum scratching and puking. Dog owners will know what I mean. By the way, I can't bear to read, much less see pictures of, stories of animals being mistreated now. It's an interesting conundrum because there are more human atrocities happening out there still, and I should be more empathatic towards humans but I'm not. It's perhaps to do with the fact that humans have a choice (even if limited) and animals don't for the most part. Or maybe it's because I've not run into too many mean dogs, and the one I have is so innocent (shades of Smoot) that he'd be so easily hurt by someone mean. Maybe I'm projecting.

Marie Kondo inspired underwear drawer
Be that as it may, the writing season has started again and I'm a bit overwhelmed in the reading and digesting I have to do. So I do what I always do when this happens, I clean. But this time I clean with a difference - I am trying out something by Marie Kondo, who's also cleaning up - all the way to the bank with her books and sites etc - who suggested that when decluttering, one should place one's hands on the item being considered for decluttering, and ask the question (I paraphrase here), "Does this object spark joy in you?"If the answer is yes, then you find a place for it and put it away. If the answer is now, then you thank it for its service, and put in a bag for disposal, recycling or giving away. I've gone through my closet and feel very virtuous - there just might be something to it, and I may just give in and get her book, "The life-changing magic of tidying up". But maybe after I clean up and sort through my books.

Resting paper on waistless dog while reading
So yes, projects are in hand as I sort through the academic and non-academic and politcal thoughts in my head before I puke them out onto paper for someone to critique and grade. Sigh. To be independently wealthy with monies generated from doing good, and returned to doing good. I could be such a good philantrophist. Things to do:

  1. Get hold of RH and JK
  2. Read and annotate last thingy I wrote
  3. Start writing for SR (before If forget what it was about)
  4. Cut fingernails so they don't scratch annoying against the keys on my Asus C302 Flip chromebook
  5. Stop eating ramen - it's bloating
  6. Poach a peach
  7. Run more, and for longer
  8. Raise those blocks more, and for longer
  9. Carve that pineapple
  10. Start the battle with GoC
  11. Keep feet warm so they don't feel numb and induce panic that I've got some nerve damage
  12. Pay off MBNA card #2
  13. Review the MI paper
  14. Book appointments with JZ and AB because all this reading and wordsmithing is going to play havoc (even more) with my back, hip and gluts
  15. Write to SL too

And that's it my lovelies.