June 28, 2017 Translations

葉  - That's leaf. Don't ask why leaf. Alamak. So susah one to fill in these damn forms.

So many leaves, so little time.

Today - I would like to do some baking, but it's not going to happen because there is much to be done so that I can get to what I'm supposed to be doing. Before any of this happens, however, I will need to get over my feelings of guilt about what I should be doing, and whether I'm doing enough. It's a complicated mix particularly because the flies are back and circling the fly paper - so unsightly, but by far the most effective way of stopping their insane circling - but not actually landing. So maybe not so effective after all. Drives me crazy. C.R.A.Z.Y.

Circles of madness a la Dante

Anyway, I will need to get my act together and work through the day and be as productive as possible. Today, the forms can wait for a day, what I will do instead is to work out the pennies and sheikels that are being demanded of my by all these vendors. Work out whether I rugi or untung and all that kind of stuff. In the end, it's what I can work and live with. Must. Not. Be. Competitive.

Okay, must go get on to the next task in hand so that this day is rescued from a morras of self-pity and laziness. Damn that Protestant Work Ethic. Feh.

Coming up in the not too near future