June 27 2017 A long day after all

Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.
Today is deep breath day because it's going to be another long day. Have much to think through, and to do so that the world around me, by which I mean, the things that happen around me, because of me, and to me, as opposed to the natural world where things just happen randomly (although one could argue this is my world anyway because I can be pretty random) can continue turning - try reading that sentence again and see if it makes sense. Yar.

It's not fun when you start off the day with a back/hip that won't cooperate with your movements. Very annoying to have a little ache that sits there waiting for you to make the wrong move so that it can pounce and cause all kinds of problems. Little shit. The next thing I have to do is to feed the little monster, and take care of his big shit. Well, okay, he's not a little monster, but he can be monsterish - call it instinct, call it whatever you want, but it still means I have to use the reluctant hip/back to feed him, and run around with him so that he'll settle down when I go into work.

A sleeping monster is still a monster.
At work, there'll be a whole bunch of little irritations to deal with from the small red tape to the large red tape to the applications. Is it too much to say that, never mind, best not to say such things or even think them. Too dangerous as it could bounce back on you. Be that as it may, one thing I have to get done this week is to renew my MSP and DL cards - even better, I'll be able to put them together onto one card. Have I mentioned that this week seems to be the week of renewals - sadly not of skin, soul, spirit, or body, but of city permits, taxes and licenses. The little monster's tag has to be renewed, my licenses, property taxes are due, and in the same vein, I had to renew my brake pads and replace a wheel - so the tune-up for my bike, what was supposed to be a cheap bill turned out to be almost 3x as much. Bah. However, the bike feels a bit more stable which is good.

I suppose it did double from the hovel
Mortgage is supposed to be renewed too, but I have a rate held for me for 10 days so I will keep my mind off things for now. I do hate all these companies and banks who put pressure on you to make decisions when it's such a variable time. Bastards. Then again, I could still be in a hovel - actually - if I were in a hovel, what would I have? Back of an envelope calculation here - I would have about 140K in cash or stocks had I stayed in a hovel compared to what I have now which is about 300 in equity...so I guess, that was at least the right decision...

But it's not all about money either. It's also about finding ways to keep going on and not being afraid of what is to come. So with that in mind, despite all the palaver, mean-spiritedness and cruelty that goes on around the world - from the raw to the sophisticated forms of oppressing one another - I will have to get on the bike and keep moving to prevent the joints from seizing up and bringing me to a complete halt.

The annual Being at Odds
Must also remember that there's another anniversary coming up in about 3 weeks, and that the few weeks before and after that anniversary, I'm at odds with everyone, everything and especially the world. Okay, today, I'm not going to do any laundry, or wash any dishes, but will clean up the virtual documents that need to be cleared up. Maybe start sorting through the storage area as well as a jump start on what will happen on July 22 with Dr. C. Must get practice in deciding what sparks joy, or not, and in giving thanks to inanimate objects for service rendered, or lessons learnt. Must also cut fingernails so that I don't get that clackety-clack sound when I write on this keyboard. Hrumph.