June 22nd 2017 Less long is the day

Not the same shingled beach, but much the same climate
Oh dear, the decline has started. Not very nice. I mean the days are getting shorter already, which always makes me a bit sad. It reminds me of the summer of 1981 when I had finished O-levels and the fifth form students were allowed free time during the day. We spent a day down at the beach lying on the shingles getting some fitful sun onto our pallid faces. PK (who sadly died of a massive heart attack a few years ago) was there, so was the weevil - whose bright eyes and freckled-face is all I remember of him. The days were long, we had finished two years of study, and jumped through a hoop, and there was nothing before us - or so we thought. In a few weeks, I was packing madly - trying to make decisions on what to bring as I only had two bags worth of luggage that I could bring onto Freddy Laker's people express. I spent a few days at PK's, and then his dad brought me to Gatwick, and I flew to LAX - there was a very, very, very drunk man in front of me who was terrified of flying, and he had to be taken off by medical services when we landed - and then I boarded a flight to Vancouver on Pacific Western (eventually absorbed by the Alaska Airlines group), and here I've ended up all these years later. SL is the only person left from those days who's in contact now, and only because he found me online and took the trouble to send me a message - thanks S! And I don't think I want to keep digging down, because I'm not ready to ask questions about what I did, or worse, answer them. I'll leave it for another time.

Life is spent waiting for the ball to come
I'm feeling unsettled because I am juggling a whole bunch of applications, and I have lots of formating to do, and decisions to make, and a bunch of legwork to get the red tape done. That in itself is okay - it's busy work and once I buckle down, I can get it done, but then I'm left in limbo again, waiting for an answer, waiting for someone to go through the paperwork to see whether I'm worthy of a positive response or not. I'm tired of being judged all the time. So that's one thing, the other of course is the feeling that one should make as much use of the sunshine as one possibly can, and although the spirit is willing, the body isn't as willing, and there are the moments you stop and ask yourself, what is the point. What indeed. Okay - this is the news cycle again that is bringing me down - that and lack of perspective which I must regain double quick before I head down to get the bike fixed, and then up to the mountain to go through some reviews (see? more judgement).

You say Bitter, I say Seville.
On Wednesday, I was invited to go see Bitter Girl at the Arts Club Theatre, and it was an enjoyable experience on one level, but disappointing that on others. I wasn't in the mood to give in and just enjoy it for what it is. ALthough I sometimes wonder, why do I need something like Bitter Girl to be more? Should it be more? That's the question. However, CT (NT) and I both agreed that the perfomers were excellent, had great voices and delineated their characters very well. The sequined dresses were a hit as well so all that was good. There was some thought spent on why I was asked to this particular show, perhaps the word "bitter" played a part, but then again, as I pointed out - "If I am bitter, it's like a lusciously ripe Seville Orange is bitter". Then I went home and grilled a peach for good measure, which reminds me - must make some Tarte Tatin soon.

Other Must Remembers:
Strawberries don't last long. Enjoy them.
Ironic too that the fake here is more real than the real

  • Must. Remember. Yesterday's meeting was very productive. 
  • Must.Remember. Even if the pooch puked on the couch, it's an easy fix.
  • Must.Remember. Money isn't the only thing that matters - it's what you're willing to accept.
  • Must.Remember. The pooch and his buddy are still cute and so affectionate.
  • Must.Remember. I've already put some plans (November) into action, and regardless of what happens between now and then, the future is somewhat set (pectin free at that).
  • Must.Remember. There are other opportunities out there.
  • Must.Remember. To re-enter life again.
  • Must.Remember. I went past the 157 mark and landed on the 156 mark. So close now.
  • Must.Remember. All these applications will get done, and the die will be set at which point, maybe I can take the time to lie on a shingle beach and enjoy the sun without feeling the presence of an impending deadline.

Must.Remember. Memento Mori - in the final moments, nothing really matters it's out of your hands (however well protected from sun damage they've been in your life).