June 20 2017 Still tired

Food please, on a silver platter.
It's been a long stretch of fatigue. Two reasons for it - the pooch waking me up at sunrise to demand food for his ever-expanding tummy, and the cold weather we've had here for the last three weeks or so. Truly it's been miserable. The Asiatic lilies are on strike - their buds are being reticent about growing, much less blooming, the few cherries what remained after that vicious wind storm have basically given up and dropped off, my Matthiola has given up the ghost and we've all been scurrying around in our fleeces and rain gear. Why, +Paul Johnson  even bought a new jacket - bright orange at a sample sale. Imagine, he goes to sample sales, and +Luke Halpin has been threatening to move to Melbourne - silly him, he doesn't realise that it's as damp and grey there as it is here, maybe warmer, but that's little consolation when it's still grey and wet.

Nature setting the stage for Cinerama
I was invited to a play, Cinerama, last week. It was pouring rain, and as much I don't want to admit it, I was very glad when the play was cancelled at the last moment because of the wind - why is this a factor you ask? Well! It was set around a sandbar at Spanish Banks, just as the tide is turning (from low to high), so the waves become higher, angrier and wetter as the presentation proceeds. In fact, one is warned that it's is more than possible one will get wet up to one's knees. The National Treasure that is Colin Thomas went back a few days later and here are his thoughts on the matter.

Over the weekend, the inclement weather continued and my body and soul crashed, and I slept a lot. So lucky that this weekend, the pooch spent time down the hill, and the other pooch spent time up here. The other pooch, he's a bit older and more relaxed than my pooch so I have to spend less time entertaining him - i.e. we can both sleep in - goodness, it was a luxury, I slept in until 9am on Sunday!

The news of the world didn't help raise spirits either. There's so much bad stuff happening at the moment, and people are being hurt, or are lashing out. There's so little funding available, and the desperation in proposals is high (and becoming more obvious), and in some aspects the birds of prey have come back to roost (do birds of prey roost?).

5 Oranges - the cake, not the strip joint
However, I did make a cake - +Dan Lepard's suggestion for an orange-walnut cake, shades of "take a clutch of [oranges] and squeeze well" which contained the zest of 5 oranges and some ginger. Quite delicious. I sent some back with Dr. C despite being so delicious because I've recently (but definitely now) broken the 158 mark and want to continue the downward spiral. I've aso made a date with him to go through clothing a la Marie Kondo...he's anxious, I'm not. I can't wait to finish the book and get started on my storage room - more pictures to come when I get started - there's a certain amount of satisfaction in tidying and putting things away, and even better getting rid of stuff that no longer sparks joy in one. Must put my pictures up too.

For the rest of the week, I must continue the reading, writing, planning, applying and getting my mortgage sorted out. Must. Remember. Mortgage. Right, time to get out of my shoes and into the shower - have shoes on because it's chilly enough that my feet are cold when I walk around the house barefoot.