June 12 2071 Dead tired

Grandpa - more active than you might expect
Goodness, I'm tired today - it's been like this all weekend. I tell you, all these body-blows at work during the week (one in particular, however gently administered) do take their toll. Then the incessant questioning and reviewing and grading. Bah. Feh. Poo. In any case, it's time to shake off the doldrums and get to work on the next things because, well quite frankly, I can't sit around and let things happen to me. I have to make things happent to me. Yar. How's that for a quick verbal recovery.

This weekend was a bit of a blur. On Friday night, braved the crowds at Costco - why? why? WHY?! - to get some supplies, and ended up with a bunch of healthy treats which don't taste that good, and now I feel compelled to coat them in chocolate - in a "Oh, I must practise my ganache making skills". So yes, that'll be a small talk to do this week.

The bar at the Crowbar
After that, met up with Bunny Bob, AM and Nancy at the Crowbar in the sub-Bermuda Triangle that is Kingsway, East 15th Avenue and Fraser St. Lovely bar/restaurant with most excellent furnishings except for their air-conditioning units which are white and are like a scar to the wooden walls. Lighting was lovely though. A bonus that night, the pooch had a sleepover with his grandpa, which meant that I could sleep in the following day, and then - big bonus here - clean the floor without some wriggly pooch shedding his hair, or licking the floor. Not that the clean floor will stop him licking and shedding once he gets home. In the afternoon, he came back with me, and promptly fell asleep because I guess keeping up with Grandpa took more of his energy than expected - this was exciting again because it meant I could go for a run without feeling guilty. Granpa and the Bunny came up for steak and wine later that night, and we grilled and the bunny twitched his nose and tweaked the place as usual - but not as much as he would normally do cos I'm out of candles.

What I hope to harvest soon
The next day, I started farming - in particular - getting my irrigation system up and running again. It took a while, but 3/4 of it is done, and I feel good about solving the problems with all the extra tubing and so forth. Need to get a good dual hosehead now, and finish the North field and I'm done. Then will have to put the pooch on a plough turn over the fallow pots for the next season of planting. Lots of interruptions though with phone calls, text messages, visits, requests for this and that. It's a wonder I managed to hold my focus together and get everything done.

I also broke the hummingbird feeder - damn - because a little birdy came by and sipped, then I thought, the solution is several weeks old, must replace cos don't want little birdy to sip and then get sick., So I sterilized bottle with hot water and it promptly cracked. Now little birdy can't sip and I'll have to get to Welk's to get another one. Was going to go Amazon Prime but came to senses and decided to head to local discount store. Hopefully will be cheaper, and less fragile than the last one. Imagine - cracking just because of hot water. How feeble.

Mr. Rachel Weisz
Sunday night, Went to see My Cousin Rachel, an adaptation of Daphne du Maurier's novel. Very typical of her work - back and forth, did she, didn't she, does she, doesn't she...Gorgeous production values, and Mrs. Daniel Craig was quite good in it although someone does need to work on the veins in her hand for the film. The besotted cousin though was a dope and throughout most of the movie, you just wanted to smack him and yell, "Revoke the will! Revoke the will! Revoke the will!". However, I didn't do that, and quite frankly the highlight of the evening was being able to use my utilitarian French to buy the tickets, choose the seats and bual-bual with the ticket sell who was from France.  So cosmopolitan and show-offy of me.

Okay - today. Must get to see Joseph and then start the day - do some scything, get some experiments for other people going, draw some boundaries for another, and then fill in some more forms and sort out the paperwork for the rest of the week. Right then, I must get going here before I lose the day.