Jun 21 2017 Long is the day

The sun is high today
It's the solstice today, and the longest day of the year which means (as DWA is well aware - in fact I expect a text from him later today saying, that summer is over) that the days start getting shorter. I feel depressed already.

This year is the year of the reboot, or so it seems. There are a number of applications (7) that I have to complete this year to get things back, hopefully, on track. What else is there to do but to fill in forms and untangle red tape I wonder? Is there? Is this all there is to the life we lead in this stable, prosperous and peaceful (for the most part) country? The disparity between what I have and what others don't, the disparity between my experience and others'...it's thought provoking, and guilt inducing. The reference I'd bring up is the #14 East Hasting bus, as it traverses East Hasting from the old Woodwards building East to Main. The teeming masses of humanity, most of which are ill, or high, or in such desparate straits that they don't know what they're doing, there are a sobering reminder that...reminder that what, I'm not sure - life isn't fair? That I should do more to neutralize the inequality? That there's more than the precious nit-picking and reading I do so that I can come up with techincal ways to do things that probably don't need to be done?

Mustn't spiral, however pretty the vortex
Oh dear, oh dear, today could be a spiral day in which I head straight to the bottom and lose hope in all that I'm supposed to be doing. But I can't quite bring myself to do nothing just yet. Although it is tempting - sadly, I'm not built that way and have to be doing something, anything, as long as I'm keeping active mentally and physically, but not overly as my body is defintely not keeping up with the spirit. Bad body. Bad. But no, I should encourage it...there, there, try harder Body, you can do it, etc. etc.

Stretch that back, but don't foget the pelvic tilt
Yesterday, I had a session with AB who tweaked my back muscles, and showed me how to reactivate a chain of command from brain to muscles in hip and legs so that I can correct some inbalance in the way I move around - goodness, who knew I was so unsteady on my feet?
Maybe that's a thing now - I do find myself less willing to move quickly when the surface isn't flat and smooth (but not too smooth). It's partly also a deficit in depth perception - which plays a huge part in not wanting to read things on a screen, complaining about the smallness of type on the printed page, and lack of confidence when running over trails with rocks and tree roots waiting to trip you. Nature is not benign after all despite all attempts to want to believe that she is. She is not. She is merely a force which can be gentle or not - mostly not because of the scale at which she operates.

Right then. Must stop this mental meandering, get the back into some sort of shape and deal with the air pod guy and the FN guy so that I can really focus on what I need to get done. Oh yes, lunch with Dr. J today. At some new chi-chi dining place in Chinatown. Another opportunity to get more points with my Google Overlords so that I become a level 5ver...
Deceptively benign