May 9th 2017 Vote or shut up

Totally unrelated picture but man, this pau would
be good right about now and do much to
erase the "Hrumph."
It's started as a day of irritation already. Some DB entitled, privileged locked their bike to the railings outside my building today. They know they shouldn't do it; they being some of the overly obtuse and rude people who go attend the yoga studio in the building. I felt like letting the air out of the bike, but decided to take the high road instead. Well, on the high road, the brat decided that he didn't want to be out sniffing and taking in the news left by other dogs and stopped dead in his tracks. Then on the his reluctant way back, we ran into Lulu - a pup who was sweet when young, but never got enough exposure to other dogs because her owners were so freaked out by the thought of other dogs sniffing round their precious ball of fluff - who just went rabid and lunged at the brat barking and showing her teeth. Of course the brat defended himself, and I had to pull him away while the owner kept shouting at Lulu to be 'gentle' - Great example setting here.


Almond Croissants from JJ Bean in YVR flown to KCH,
and much enjoyed there. 
On the plus side, I dropped another lb and inched down 0.5% on my BF. Thank goodness there's been some improvement. The only trouble is, I want an almond croissant, and in my present mood, know that I'll wolf down the whole damn thing, sugar be damned.

Yesterday, I went to test drive a car - the Mazda CX-3 or something like that. Don't remember much of the drive cos the smell of new car kinda made me nauseous. Did a bunch of reading as well and all the added knowledge makes me dizzy and anxious.

From CX to CI - time for a change!
Well. It was either the reading (and the realization I know nuffink) or the fact that I put another ticket on my credit card (poor thing - don't know how much it can take) for a flight back to KCH - where TE and GE are no longer around - in November. This time through TPE because CX has become too expensive, and I'm still pissed at them for switching their flights to KL to KA so I don't get no points with AS. Not to mention, their 'best' fare was an S fare which meant 25% of miles flown on the YVR-HKG sector. So I went with CI instead, and for an extra $200.00 and now in a PE/Business mixed cabin fare. Ha. Now mind you, I could have gone with Eva Air for $896 in economy, but the V fares earn ZERO points on their own mileage plan, and much less with Star Alliance. Honestly. Well. CI will get my business. So. There.

Must wash the brat's furs (both) today
More reading today then need to start thinking critically (so easy in some ways, so difficult in others). Then wash some sheets and the brat's bedding before washing him. He won't enjoy it, but too bad. He's beginning to scratch which means allergens are accumulating.

He did very well yesterday on the run at the dyke at Iona Beach. Almost 8km, and he totally charmed everyone he met. Poor Spunky, if I were him, I'd be right put out, but then again, Spunky is such a gentle soul, and so forgiving, as long as you let him stare at you and lick your hand, or foot, or knee, or shin, or whatever he can reach.  Okay so today, do some financial planning, food intake planning, and try to keep moving, cos if you don't keep passing the windows, you'll jump one day.

Other than that, today, must keep the level of movement up so that I drop more lbs and BF so that come November, I can pig out again. Yah.