May 7th 2017 Two Strawberries

so cold someone started a fire!
It's cold still. Most annoying. Even more annoying is when the rain comes down in torrents like it did this week when I needed to get to work double fast. When you're creaky like me, putting on unfriendly rain gear to go onto an even creakier bike is hell. The bike is already 10 years old, probably time to replace it except that I'd be giving Dr. J ammunition by doing this. Damn. Talk about painting oneself into a corner.

The levels of activity as recorded by my Google Overlords this week were abysmal. Not many full green circles indicating the daily goal was achieved. This annoys me but what can one do. Grumble. This past week was a cold, grey, rainy blur for the most part - grey also because journal are publishing using even smaller fonts so the words just merge together into one stream of white and black spaces, shapes and objects.

Pizza with green alien eyes
The week's diet (diet as in what I normally eat, rather than confining myself to certain foods or amounts of food) was also horrible. Damn. Damn the ease of making Genoise Sponges. Damn you GGBO and PH - may I never end up having your girth especially since I don't have the bright eyes and hair to pull the girth off. Friday and Saturday were bad.  Red meat and G-sponge on Friday, bacon and eggs on Saturday followed by pizza (so delicious though even without the cilantro) and a Mcflurry (no pictures of this cos it disappeared so fast). I feel bereft because I fell off the bandwagon of good eating. And yet, my weight went down by 0.2lbs (90 grams for those who work in SI units when it comes to body weight) today. Hm. Must be the McFlurry...maybe they're negative calories cos they cool you down so you need to produce more body heat to compensate. Anyway, in order to do penance, today, I am going to subsist on two strawberries. That's it.

The basket from which two strawberries will be selected.
Must also do my grocery shopping and get something green, yellow, black and white. There you go. Multi-coloured eating so cultural of me. Must also cut the grass as it looks awful, and do some weeding and put the seeds down. I will do all that today, and in the next two hours which means, this post has to stop. now.

Except to say that the pooch had a lovely walk up on the North Shore with R and K - who had matters of  green to discuss - He came back totally pooped out and fell asleep in the late afternoon and pretty much stayed comatose for the rest of the evening - which I wish I could do without feeling guilty about not getting work done. Mind you, I did have a work call with SS to push some ideas out there. Who knows. Who. Knows.

"...unsustainable at all levels..." Ha! Ha! Ha!

Guilt Free Sleep