May 2nd 2017 In the Shoebox

The rain cometh
Another day of rain, and as the rain falls, my little soul fills up with dread. Each rain drop is mirrored by a greasy globule of doubt, anxiety or worry that bubbles up from somewhere within. No wonder I'm fat, with all these globules of grease taking up so much space in my corporeal body. Be that as it may, I'm trying to organise different aspects of my life now. So much going on in my head, and I can't focus for the life of me, so of course I shall do what I always do - generate a list.

Focus and get that pen out so you can make a list
A list of things to do that will become overly ambitious, and then I shall have more stress and anxiety attacks that will no doubt land me into some lovely sanatorium high up on some mountain idyll with white tiled walls and any number of gauzy white curtains fluttering over a window where the sun (gentle Spring sunshine) streams through. There, I shall be made to meditate and regain my focus...if only this were true. Mind you, even if this became true, I would feel guilty about the world of bad times happening elsewhere. Name a place on this globe and there'll be something bad happening. I dare you.

So, anyway - a list with associated solutions, and I think I'll do this in point form because I like to be en pointe (actually not because it would hurt my toes, but it does make look long and tall so I don't appear fat).

The List:

  • Perception of being fat
    • Not really fat by many measures and besides it's a good thing - it means you're one of the fortunate ones who has access to food and choices in eating. Don't be obsessive about weighing yourself and wringing your hands. Tuesday and Saturday mornings only. Continue eating greens and reduce amounts and increase frequency and length of the runs.
  • Grant applications
    • The reviews haven't come out yet, and when they do, read them, ignore them and resubmit as a lottery ticket. The other one, make a decision about direction by Monday next and then write to submit - there's very little data to show anyway, so think of it as the first step in changing directions of a big ferry - i.e. it takes time. So - there you go, two lottery tickets. The one in September - a different matter, see what data comes out and use it for a proper application.
  • Worker Ants
    • Most are working well. One needs some motivation to write, the other needs some guidance. All is good, have to trust in their abilities.
  • Finances
    • Almost there with the debt repayment scheme for the PT. Then go talk to CCS about mortgages before talking to MF about strategies and then make a decision for October and keep moving with the thought that if all goes to hell, one can always sell and regroup in some way or another. Other than that, with the 2+2+2 and GE, all is going well. May even be able to repay the 3K sooner rather than later. 
  • Dust and grass
    • Keep cleaning and vacuuming, pack books away, keep throwing, or giving stuff away so that there is less clutter. Keep up with the plants though and aim for at least a handful of cherries by June or July. Clear up under lavender, feed, plant stocks and continue cutting grass when dry.
  • Home - return trip
    • Things under control for the most part. Can't anticipate bad stuff - it'd drive you crazy. Plan trip home in November and use the perks as extra motivation for self to get on the plane. Taipei is just as good a stopover, even if one can't use AS. They've had so many years of my loyalty, but if CX and direct flights don't cooperate with me, I will go somewhere else until things change. Besides going with different airline will be a change. Summary: Good timing, better than Y-class, and damn good pricing. Collect with Dynasty and use for future flights. CX - use AS card and collect that way with the occasional AS flight here and there. Face the facts - collecting points isn't all that great anymore. So use this potential ticket for comfort and ease rather than everything. Not all configurations are that great. Not to mention - the price is -$1,100 from the last PE trip. Sheesh.
  • Home - visa
    • Get started on the application and keep going. Bring the pooch into work one day and just get it done. It'll be a lifeline. Must also get application for PR card done. US visa can wait till end of the year since is goo until March 2019. So. Get PR done, then US visa.
  • May Social
    • Long weekend is accounted for even if more expensive than anticipated. Cake night for the March - May birthday people. May dinner for the Ashcare providers. 

And I think that's all I want to think about for now. Today - get into work after giving the pooch some time (although he's actually dead to the world right now) and start whipping the TAM-G into shape with the right length.

To be one of these two...