May 23 2017 Panic

Between work and a rocky beach
It's the day after the long weekend and I'm in a panic. Mostly because I didn't do as much as I thought I would during the days off. Actually, didn't do anything at all. And now, I'm sitting here writing in this blog thing. What am I doing?!

Was over in Half-Moon Bay for the May long weekend - Friday through Monday - for a getaway with the pooch and grandpa pooch. Stayed at the Aerie - Pointhouse at Sargeant Bay on the Sunshine coast. Is a lovely spot and house although expensive - and despite the expense, they still have plastic plants in the house...However, it is quite a lovely place.


We didn't have to run for the ferry
Friday - up wayyyy too early to pack and get stuff together for the drive out to ferry, and then over to the Aerie. R came over with his duvet wanting to do laundry - told him to stuff it (the duvet that is) because not going to spend two hours doing laundry just before we leave. Then made sure that his highness (Ash) and gramps (Spunky) were ready to go - both kids very excited. The day was cool and cloudy - fingers crossed that things improve. Caught the ferry with time to spare - even though they were busy, surprisingly didn't have any problems even without a reservation. Met L, A, A and L's mum at the ferry terminal too. Hellos all around. little A is walking and talking and dabbling in the waves of the bay now - apparently loves water. Short ferry ride and then long drive because of traffic to the Aerie - but once there - was exactly as remembered right down to the plastic plants everywhere - Why? Why? WHY?!

Some things don't change
First day there we spent settling in and walking around. Then in the evening, went out to local pub for dinner. Mistake as the place was noisy, crowded ,and the food wasn't all that great - expensive for what it was too. Views were not bad though, sky was clearing up. Then home walked the pooches again who are all over the place sniffing, and exploring. Lovely to see them run in and out of the house.

Saturday - a lazy day. Spent a late morning soaking in the ambiance and getting totally settled in. Lounged, ate, lounged some more, ate more, did a reluctant walk - but only because the pooch wanted to go for a walk. Then home, had R and R, but surprisingly went to bed early cos was tired. Some hot tub time, but was feeling chilly despite the sunny skies during the day. Have to say, haven't had a lazy day like this in a long time and it felt good despite the prickles of guilt about not geeting certain budgets and abstracts done...but you know, the world goes on.

The bogged in pay off
Sunday - up early because of some damn Robin who was having a territorial war with its reflection in the window. The bird kept flying into the window, over and over again even when I shoo'd it away. Pooch didn't do anything - just looked at the bird, yawned and walked away. Very pacifist of it. Had a big breakfast with hashbrowns in a tetra-box - it's true - they have them now, and it's not bad as long as you cook in a pan long enough for it to get brown and crispy. Then we did a hike to Triangle Lake about 3 - 4 km away. Was a slow, hot walk because dogs were tired after two days of excitement, it was uphill, and it was the first hot day of the season. Act 1 was beautiful, but the star of the show (the lake) was a bit past her prime - beginning to fill in, and not much of a lake. At least though we were active. More R and R that night, started a fire just because there was a fireplace, sat around and snoozed a bit. Skipped the hot tub cos had gone in during the day. Dogs are tired and not willing to get off the soft bed. Ended up falling asleep with them, wedging my hips in and not letting me move around at all. Not. Very. Comfortable. for me.

Gramps is not amused
Monday - mad dash to clean up, pack and run to grab the ferry except this time without a reservation, we had no choice but to wait to catch the 2:45 ferry. Damn. Not ever again. Hot, hot, hot, dogs not very active today - bit too warm for them. Eventually got home - luckily traffic was very light on the way home. RE finally got to do his laundry, washing his duvet using my washer cos his is on last legs. Ash very lethargic and lazy cos tired. Went to bed by 8pm, poor thing. Gramps was cranky today and so we left him to chill out by himself on 7th. Then to bed and now I'm up and getting ready for work by getting thoughts together.


Read. Write budget. Justify budget (just like what's going on in WH in US), except that I will have put more thought into my budget. Then get signatures together and send to red-tape people. Then read more and write more cos the real deadline is May 31st.