May 1st 2017 Vancouver

Cheating a bit: May flowers in mum's vase
And just like that it's May. Boom. April showers bring May flowers, yes true, but in this case, April showers continued into May so we have a soggy start to the month.

A quick recap of things that happened in the last week - basically since I returned to the shoebox and a less than rapturous welcome from the pooch. Oh Ash do you not have unconditional love for me anymore? I paid for it, so I'd better get it...there're still a few months left in your 2 year warranty...not that I'm threatening you at all. 

Anyway in nor particular order of importance:

Last weekend - a rest and relaxation with movies - read all about it here, or not. It's a democracy still. 

This week, there were meetings with various people at work about things that were done, about to be done, to be done, or things to be repaired, or to be paid for. It's depressing how everything becomes about alms and shekels even when you're trying to do good. 

The pooch being attended to
However, the pooch did get a fair amount of attention and I think we're back to a more normal routine now. The weather has been terrible though - lots of rain and cold winds so we've not been able to get out as much as we would like. There was a visit from the SOCK who was on his way to the South so we got together for sushi at Loku with DWA et al., He still hasn't forgiven CA for the e-mail telling him that his pay was cut - by 100%. The deep fried roll, however, made him feel better. Let's face it, anytime there's deep fried something - squid, banana, apple, rice, potatoes, chicken, mars bars, pizza - it's delicious. That was Wednesday. 

I also went to see a play with CT who has taken to supporting and comforting Syrian refugees. Very commendable work to be sure. He works very hard at this, sometimes till quite late at night. The play in question was Mump and Smoot in Anything - two clowns of the absurd who were quite hilarious until it became dark and horses (not real) were shot at which point it all became a little bit uncomfortable. Overall thought it was a funny evening, and you can read a review here.fff

"Overfat - you're overfat!"
Otherwise, the week was spent in a bit of a haze while my body clock adopts West Coast time, and I dust, declutter (again), start some gardening (patio and downstairs), and get back to some semblance of exercise and good eating. I've decided to be more careful with my diet these next few months, and to help motivate me, I've purchased an infernal machine that will tell you in no uncertain terms (even if not very grammatical) your percent body-fat. This thing will give you your weight, send a little electrical current through you (you don't feel it) and then calculate all kinds of intimate details about the state of your body. Then it'll provide a comment. With respect to my percent body fat, it spits out the number with disdain, and then the word, "OVERFAT" flashes on the screen. This will cut me down to size metaphorically and literally. Also went on two runs this week and there were problems with hips and knees. The back isn't feeling all that supple either. However, I shall prevail and weighty matters will become less weighty - hopefully sooner rather than later.

AM being told how to kit our her new apartment
This weekend, the jetlag, fatigue and what have you caught up and fell me. Mind you, it didn't help that we helped AM move from her basement suite to her first apartment - congratulations! There were a whole bunch of us what were involved with 1 truck and 4 SUVs. Lots of little bags too. The new apartment is lovely, and she's probably pinching herself now that she's in. Good to see that she no longer has to don those boots...Anyway, after that, PJ and LD were by the Eastwood (too noisy) so we met at Pizza Carano (request for music to be turned down), then failed at getting ice cream at Earnest's (too long a queue) and then they went off, and I fell asleep for 9 hours straight.

Yesterday, slept in - together with Ash who didn't stir until 9am. He too must have been tired after a long run around with Sack of Jewels at the field before bedtime. We (or at least I did) repaired to Joe's for brunch (pancakes with bacon and sausage - I'm allowed to binge a little bit on the weekend).

On the way to Morten's Creek
Later ,went up to Morten's Creek for a walk with the dogs. They ran and sniffed and were generally very happy to be out. My legs weren't so happy as I don't remember the trail being quite that steep - then again, it's probably the extra weight I'm carrying (I'm not saying how much in case CA reads and then reminds me for the next few years - payback for the single digit report I gave him a few years back). On the way back, still bingeing, we got a cheezeburger (very tasteless and bloat inducing) and a McFlurry with bits of a Skor bar in it. Now I feel totally bloated - especially after having Nong Shim instant noodles for dinner.

And that's about it. Not the most exciting week, but a good start to getting systems restarted. Now I have to make a list of applications to take care of for me, the group and the parental units.
On the trail