May 15 2017 Scratch

That was a good ticket what scratched an itch
How I wish it were scratching a winning lottery ticket that I were talking about. Unfortunately no, it's not that kind of scratching although it's definitely an itch that needs to be scratched. It's the brat, he's taken to scratching his sides. I can't think what it is - he's got his homeopathic vaccines +Luke Halpin and is eating any number of natural, homegrown and researched supplements. I might add that the supplements include Genoise sponges.

This weekend was filled to the gills with many things. I can't even begin to enumerate them. Let's see what happens if I try to remember - supposedly this is good for helping you reach some kind of zen state, which I'll take in lieu of having a winning lottery ticket.

Icing sugar and crystalized peel make it look
professional and store bought.
Friday was MY's going away party - she's heading to a troubled spot in a contested region of some country to help right wrongs as part of MSF. This will be her 7th mission, and it's always a bit emotional when she prepares to leave. MD hosted at a house in Kits which was surprisingly close to Dr. C's former house. There was food and I had the chance to make a cake for MY which she could eat - almonds, oranges, sugar, eggs and more oranges - no flour or gluten.

Stayed up far too late, and drove back in one of the 4 door Car2Go vehicles which was pretty fecking amazing - they have cool led lights in the headrests. Imagine! Actually, RP drove even though it was my booking because he likes fast cars, and he drove fast, and it was a little bit terrifying.

Saturday, I woke up late - Ash was very good and stayed in bed without whining to go out for a pee. Good Ash, even better bladder and sphincter. Went to two open houses with RP - one was very good, the other was cramped and felt even smaller than the shoebox. Both were white with accents - very tedious decorating aesthetic. Makes one feel like one is living in a gallery or contemporary adult art - which is to say, pieces that are made to match the colour palette of the day so people will buy and hang on their walls to 'match'.

Pinkish lighting for a Martini
That night, we went to see Pink Martini in concert with the VSO. Met PJ and SY at the Templeton for a burger and fries - it's the weekend and I'm allowed fries. That's part of the agreement. The food was greasy so that was good. The concert was fun although there was a big headed guy sitting in front of me who blocked most of the view unless I tilted sideways. Maybe that's why my shoulder hurts now.

After the concert (which included a conga line), we repaired to the social club for some libations. There after a few libations, SR went up to the waiter and told him that one of the members of our group (not me) found him very attractive...sadly, the waiter was already married and showed SR the ring. So that member of our group agitated for cake as a second prize, but the restaurant was out of desert so SR (she agitates a lot, this one) accosted other waitstaff and persuaded them to send over a slice of birthday cake from an adjacent table after it was vacated by the party. They were nice enough to send it over with a few dishes. So the disappointed member of our group chowed down - when disappointed, eat sugar I say.

Play time if you don't want to walk
Sunday - was very tired and so didn't do much except take the brat out for a long walk and thought sombre thoughts induced by the cytokines and other biomolecules circulating in my system because of fatigue. Some worries in my mind which I'm scratching away at: The PUs - where do you find the balance between doing what is good/right for them without making them feel they've lost autonomy. How do I put this application together when I don't have the expertise nor any preliminary data, and haven't read widely nor deeply enough to understand what I even want to write about. And this rain, this rain and cold, and the first aphids are back - fuckers - even though I did pinch off the stem and threw it overboard. And the limp...please just go away. Just go away. Fortunately, managed to get a run in and that helped - especially since the sun came out as I set off.

Then postponed a call about the PUs  because really, it's sometimes more about accepting than trying to change things, or plan for what might never happen in the future - because the planning could be more stressful than is needed for the present. And on that thought, I shall re-enter the present and do what I need to do for the day. Make Plans. Do Yoga. Get Groceries.