May 12 2017 Brrrrr

It's going to be one of those wet Springs
Again, it's more than vulpine weather meaning the rain is coming down like there's no tomorrow, and there may well be no tomorrow cos we'll be flooded out.

Oh so many witty things to say, but I've not had enough coffee yet. Today is a three cup of coffee day - and that's just to start the day off. My body hurts, it's achey and sore. Ditto my brain - it's achey and sore. Too much thinking and reading and plotting to gloss over  (seeming to gloss over) inconvenient bits and pieces of fact that will stymie our efforts.

It is so time to buy a lottery ticket. If this were to come to pass (winning the lottery ticket that is, not just going out to buy one), then I would settle all my debts - did you know for example that 3000 USD is now worth 4000 CAD? Feck - fix the garburator, do some painting, hire a cleaner to q-tip those edges that collect dust and buy some nice pieces of art to hang on my empty walls. All this after I disburse enough moolah to settle my finely tuned conscience so I can spend freely on myself.

 If only Dr. Shark were back here to write an application

  • I'm fat. Not just feeling fat, but I a fat. And I'm not motivated to run (see the comment about being achey and sore)
  • I need to write an application - but don't really want to (see comment about brain being achey and sore)
  • I don't feel like pandering to the brat's needs today (see comment about rain)

Right then, I'd better organize myself and get things going here. Wash jeans cos need them later - they're too dirty to be seen in public right now. Get haircut cos ditto. Sort out papers, print and start reading new ones (which means going to work), make gluten-free cake for M who's going to U for MSF. The compassion. The compassion although to quote M, "I have to be a bitch when at work, or things won't get done properly". Right then, enough whining. I must go grind some almonds for flour. Need 300 grams.

I shall report on my results later. Wish me luck - my only question at the moment is whether I should use a 9" or 8.5" pan? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. The questions I need answers too. Don't forget the chemical warfare.

Or should I just channel Patty Hewes?