April 9th 2017 Kuching

Wearing the hat given to me by the criminal in 1990
Progress! I woke up an hour later than yesterday - at 5:30 which meant I missed the call to morning prayers, but not the first flight to KL (the house faces the airport, and we can see planes coming and going).

It was Palm Sunday yesterday and so there was a race to church which I didn't partake in. Instead, I went through three old boxes of my stuff that I left behind in 2002, or 2001, I forget which now. Books, lots of old photos and a badly decomposed compression jacket for diving. That had to go - same with the booties; neoprene just isn't that lasting when it's hot and humid all the time. So yes, I went through those boxes and managed to bring it down to one all the while, the laundry was going (as usual).

Daily Laundry with Nellie - got from Costco in YVR

The village of Muara Tebas
Then it was off to a trip to the mouth of the S'wak river to Muara Tebas where there's a seafood restaurant. I suspect though that part of the trip was to satisfy two Pokemon players who had garnered intelligence that MT, particularly the temple there, was a hotbed of little critters to be caught. The drive there was smooth - good roads and we covered much industrial ground that I hadn't seen in a while. There's been lots of activity in construction and a whole shitload of empty buildings. I guess there was a rush to construct while permits were still available from the last regime.

We went up the temple in the hot sun. My head is burnt, and probably my nose too. Snooped around, sniffed some incense and I looked out over the river mouth which is where GE's ashes were scattered in 2012. Once the pokemon warriors were done, and I'd finished indulging, we went down to the MT seafood restaurant and ordered lunch

The simplicity and deliciousness of it all
Lunch consisted of:
  • White pomfret - steamed with nothing else because it was only caught 3 hours ago. Pomfret can apparently cost as mus as $60/kg now which is insane given how easy it was to find when I was growing up. Overfishing and demand from restaurants is generally the reason given.
  • Curried cuttlefish which I had my doubts about, but the consensus was that this would be better than calimari which would have been deep-fried and therefore added to the heat of the day and the cholesterol levels running rampant in our group.
  • Mani Chai - a green vegetable which is poisonous if eaten raw, but once cooked - with egg is delicious. It has somewhat the texture of a spinach, but the taste is something else. A bit bitter, but very green and lovely at the same time. 
  • Chicken cooked in soy and ginger for YL who doesn't much like seafood. We tried delving into the reasons for her fear of fresh fish but gave up soon as none of us are trained therapists like +Taki Venizelos and are not used to digging out neuroses from minds,
  • Finally, the reason we came up - the prawns which are steamed with garlic and green onions. They. Were. Good.
  • Oh yes, and for drinks, fresh coconuts with their top hacked off in  3 slices.

The cost of all this was RM$152 which is about equivalent to $CAD50. Amazing. No wonder overfishing abounds...

Then back to the city where we headed to Earthlings where the coffee elites gather of an afternoon to sip away at single origin coffee made from beans that are roasted on site and made with precisely heated water that has been tripled filtered.

Home later, a little snooze and then dinner before a teeny little war broke out over the cleaning of table cloths. It's at a standstill for now. For. Now.