April 8th 2017 Kuching

Not taken at 4:30 am
Today is Sunday the 9th, and yesterday was Saturday the 8th.. Must remember this. Must remember this. Today is Sunday the 9th, and yesterday was Saturday the 8th.. Must remember this. Must remember this. Today is Sunday the 9th, and yesterday was Saturday the 8th.. Must remember this. Must remember this.

The days and nights are rolling into one another and I can no longer keep track of time. Time, such a precious commodity. Mustn't waste it.

Another 4 am wake up - except this time, it was at least 4:30 when I got up so things are improving. Up, coffee - instant, Nescafe Gold, to PJ's eternal disgust. Read the news, was upset by the latest atrocities around the world so I retreated to the comforting world of chromebook reviews.

Day 2 of Laundry
I've narrowed it down to four potential models - after starting the day's laundry that is - yes, we do a lot of laundry in this house. You have a problem with that? Hmmm? While having breakfast (which was a mash-up of radish cake, pickled mustard greens and egg) we sorted through some old vases that go back to Sibuga and the Ikebena classes that mum used to get in exchange for English lessons. The vases are actually very elegant in a muted, understated kind of way. Sis has taken the blue one, the white one is lusted after by CC, and I get the matte black long cylindrical one with the accompanying square little guy. We talked about ways of getting this water cylinder thermometer back but it's glass, and can't go into the cabin with me, so I rather think that's a non-starter. Anyway, back to the chromebooks - I'm interested in:

  • The HP Chromebook 13. Beautiful aluminum design with a chrome hinge and very clever lightweight and skinny look. Stunning number of pixels on the screen, but poorer battery life because of said stunning number of pixels and no touch screen which could be downer in the years to come as Android Apps on Chrome OS become the norm. Expensive too - a truly premium price - for which I could get a decent laptop, although not as decent as the Lenovo X1 carbon which I also want. No backlit keys - WTF?
  • The Dell Chromebook 13. This is matt black surface chromebook. Very boring. Very standard. All in all the features seem to be middle of the road. But excellent price. But so boring. Can't bring myself to do it. It would be, +Paul Johnson , like choosing the MEC biking/rain jacket over a Vulpine.
  • The Samsung Chromebook Pro - not that expensive, looks good, has touchscreen with a stylus, but the keyboard doesn't have very good reviews - and that's an important thing to me. Also, the dimensions are just wrong - it's more suited for tablet than laptop. It's not out yet, and the final pricing hasn't been announced so it could be really quite expensive, or reasonable. Who's to know. Also, Samsung - everyone has one. 
  • The ASUS Chromebook Flip C302A (not to be confused with the Flip C100 or something like that). It's sleek, has more USB C slots than the HP, and more traditional slots - It flips, good hinges, can be used as a tent to watch movies, can click over as a pseudo-tablet and looks quite shiney sexy in an understated way. 

Can you guess which one I want? Why do I need one? Well, it's because my work laptop is slow, clunky and taking its sweet effing time booting up and constantly wanting upgrades which slow it down even more. IT refuses to do anything about. I hate them, but at the same time I don't want to spend money on a laptop which will eventually suffer the same fate. I'm writing this on my dad's 2013 Samsung Chromebook (small, little bit plasticky, but was the top of the line model at the time) and it's still as responsive as it was, and I can pretty much do everything I want to do on it. So that's why Chromebook instead of laptop.

The ageing misfits
Then in the afternoon, started reading Julian Barnes - I'm very behind in his work. He's published at least 3 things since I last looked. Maybe I'll download and read him on my way home. Made lunch - rice noodles with belachan-sambal and Paku (a lighter version of fiddleheads), then went for a quick swim, and then coffee at Coffee Obsession with the usual bunch of misfits. We did our usual silly thing including making pictures of EK smile against her will.

Paku albeit from lunch
Then home, nap and cleaned up here and there before the pick up came for dinner at Peter's Special which features simple dishes, made with the freshest kinds of ingredients in a not over the top manner so that the taste of the ingredients is featured rather than some sauce you dump on. Soup with white fungus, more paku, green beans with sambal, lamb stew, lamb chops:

"Don't worry about the fat - when was the last time you saw a lamb have a heart attack", said Dr. FL, to which I responded, "When was the last time you saw a lamb eat lamb"? Uproarious laughter. I thought I was pretty clever with that comeback.

Then we hied over to Dr. FL's gracious home, sat by the pool, drank coffee (some indulged in red wine from Argentina and the Loire Valley) and talked politics - world, national and local - in all it's important, ridiculous and otherwise crazy forms. Home. Sleep until woke up at 4:45 (improvement).