April 7th 2017 Kuching

A foggy day at BDC
Today - another early wake up and some messaging between friends in Vancouver and my trusty 5X here. Chit chat etc, bad weather there. Warm (24C) here. The weather forecast here is for thunder shower and more thunder showers for the rest of the week.

Laundry at 6:30 just because I was up, and because I knew that the clothes would have to be washed. It's quite the process here. Wash (with the new laundry detergent I brought back - Nellie's washing soda because it's scent-free and quite efficient. It wasn't half heavy though and was pretty much responsible for my bags almost tipping the scales during check in. Quite embarrassing actually, both check in agents at YVR and KL-Sentral both put 'heavy' labels on the bag. Nonetheless, I still was within the legal range set by the airlines - good thing too else I'd have paid heavy fines...in USD of all things.

The 16 year old laundry pole
Anyway, wash, then hang out on the balcony pole even though we have a dryer but it's impossible to use it, and the pole has been out on that balcony for the last fecking 16 years blocking the way. You can not know how much I hate it, and how irritating it is not to be able to sit out on the balcony without that damn pole in the way. So many double negatives, what am I trying to say.

Went back for a little snooze after my second packet of noodles - it was a bad day for eating carbohydrates - for lunch, more noodles (3rd) and that, I thought would be it for the day. I was quite wrong as it turned out. Anyway, started reading Drabble's "Gates of Ivory" about good time and bad time - it seems dated now as the plot is inspired in part by Khmer Rouge atrocities, but quite relevant still given the atrocities happening in Syria. In an astounding and wrenching dichotomy, the atrocity of the day here is a crazed man beating a dog who came up to meet him - I couldn't bear to watch the video, but am glad to hear that the dog seems to be okay (according to reports) and that the beater has been remanded by the police because 1) the footage was caught on CCTV, and 2) the video was leaked on social media and 3) there was public outrage. All very good as far as i'm concerned because animals shouldn't be treated like that, but it does show the triviality and absurdity of what goes on in good time and bad time.

Iced Latte, the Italian traditions be damned
Then went for a swim to rid tummy of bloat, and up for another shower and nap. It feels so wrong that I've not got to my TE's house to visit - no point as she's gone on to her permanent home now. I must get in touch with my cousins soon. That afternoon, I went to Mr. Wong's Kuppa-Cup for a cold latte (yes, I know RP would not approve at all, but it's not Italy here, it's Kuching, and this place serves Korean QQ buns and Thai Tom Yum noodles as well - talk about multiculturalism or what) with Ms. Chan who wanted to get her Bin-KK project reagent, sourced all the way from duty free in YVR.

Then more naps, and then a stretch of yoga to keep the limbs limber. Helped mum get her limbs more limber too before we headed out to see Dr. PM, a good friend of Dr. K in KL. There was a long wait there - 3 hours to get in to see him as he was running a busy clinic. However, it's something we've talked about doing for months on end, and now it's done, and he gave some advice and cream - The advice, I hope will be followed but I have some doubts. The cream will doubtless be used, and I hope it will bring some relief if nothing else. In the end, we can't control what's going to happen or not, and people have to take responsibility for themselves.

Kolo Mee from Batu Kawa - Bestnya
Oh - so the 4th packet of noodles...while at KPJ, waiting for Dr. PM's advice and prescription for cream, I contacted Dr. FL who also works at KPJ - he was heading out to Batu Kawa (about 45 minutes round trip with traffic etc) to get packets of noodles for his sons what were taking swimming lessons. He said, "I'll get one for you - these are the best noodles in Kuching according to Dr. KBC and me" (Dr. KBC, it should be noted is a member of the Rotisserie League), and you'll love them"

So he did, and i had my fourth packet of noodles for dinner, and yes, I did love them. They were very good and I must thank him. Then it was bedtime until I woke up at 445am.

Must - do more research on Chromebooks. I lust after the HP 13 but so buh-loody expensive. The Dell 13 should work too but it's not as pretty. I like pretty, shiney things around me, it detracts from my bloated stomach and wrinkly face - although I do have Vitamin C to help me through that...