April 4th - 6th 2017 KCH

My own timeline.

The Google Overlords track me and keep a map of where I go and when, but they don`t yet keep a SOM on me. It`s only a matter of I guess before that happens in which case, we`ll be in an episode of Black Mirror - and I for one look forward to it. Would save me so much time if there was a record of my SOM was just created automatically.

So here goes:

Dinner on Monday with R - steak from Costco grilled to perfection with just a sliver of pink in the middle - with Bearnaise sauce to boot. Then dropped them off and home to pack and clean. But before that, had to drop off little Ash with BWP. I don`t think he was sad at all, he bounded into their apartment, then started sniffing around their dinner table while I made a discrete exit. First reports indicate that he stayed the night in his bed and was quite chilled out.

I didn`t sleep too much that night as was torn between getting a good night`s sleep and resetting my internal clock. I made the wrong decision (as it turns out) and stayed awake, only crashing for 2 hours when it was clear I had made a mistake. However, the packing was done on time, and I managed tos squeeze more laundry soap in - thank you my little digital weighing thingy.

At the appropriate moment, went through analysis paralysis over whether to take and EVO or Car2go. In the end, the closest one won out (Fraser and 26th) and I toodled over to the train station at Cambie/King Edward and was on my way to the airport. Got out at the gates, Compass dinged me right away then into check in which was fast, then into the lounge with the proffered invitation.

 They have froot loops there! had to take a photo and send it to you know who. There was a chatty supervisor there who told me about the lounge and the new plane (very sleek). Got on board and slept some, read some, watched t.v. some (Sing, Resurgence, 4 episodes of Modern Family - Stella has grown!), slept some more, ate, drank, went to the loo, took photos, got very bored, and finally became a sullen slump of humanity. Finally arrived in Hong Kong, slithered through security and on to the Bridge (not again - not very nice), ate too much then went to look for gate 5023 - which I found eventually, and which was Hong Kong's version of the Horizon airlines boarding area in PDX. Not very nice. AND they bussed us to the plane - when was the last time that happened?!

The flight to KL was short, boring and in economy. Fell asleep as approaching KL, landed, smooth passage through Immigration, picked up luggage (all arrived), through customs (Yes bulbs!), picked up digi reload thingies, bought KLExpress tickets, got on the train with the help of a young porter. Tipped him - as felt bad about not doing it myself. EK picked me up at the station, we went to Devi's corner, had roti telur each, and then back to Kiara where we chatted and caught up and were all in save the world mode. \

The next morning (that'd be the 6th) met MW at Yen Long for breakfast and sweet coffee, more chit-chat and talk and gossip about people we knew - CE is in bad way apparently, the Tarceva now having failed - and it's only a matter of time. MW dropped me off at the station, checked in at Sentral, got on the train and went up to the airport. Strolled over to Selangor Pewter and checked on my teapot. The two cupper is now 1700RM. Was very tempted but the time isn't quite right yet.

Got to gate, there was a mix up with a Malindo flight which was delayed and switched gates etc. My flight left on time despite the heavy rain, and boom 90 minutes later, I was falling asleep just as we were landing.  Kuching - every time I fly in, it's like I'm going somewhere so remote and cut off from the rest of my life, and it is really - cut off in so many ways. I also feel a bit like I'm entering a time warp when I get in. More on that to come. It's either a bubble, or a reminder that I live in a bubble. I'm not sure which yet.

The airport hasn't changed, luggage came out quite quickly, and Dad arrived a few minutes late to pick me up (Mum didn't hear the plane, but then again, didn't account for the noise of the rain). Home, unpacked - everything got here safely, no spills except for some almonds. Croissants were a hit - it's been a while since they had some, and they thoroughly enjoyed it with a hot cup of tea.

I got into my kolo mee - mostly carbs but oh-so-good - and then faded in and out for the rest of the evening (as usual). Mum slipped and fell, landing on her tailbone. A bit sore, but fortunately not really hurt. She's shuffling more than usual - must keep eye on this.

Now it's 5am and I've been up for a while, had a pau and some tea. Waiting for the first call to prayer which always makes me feel really more settled. It's a constant that reminds me I'm home again and that it doesn't get easier to slip back into the way of life here the longer I stay away.

And that's the first entry.