April 20th 2017 Time Travel

Deserted HKIA - spooky
The 20th dawned dim and early for me. I  have never realized how bright, cold and noisy the airport can be even when there's few people around. The lights never go off, the air conditioners roar all night long and when the sun goes, the temperatures drop. It wasn't easy sleeping, especially when idiot people near you listen to youtube at top volumes, or airlines (looking at you Ethiopian) choose to load passengers at the gates where you're sleeping so people start milling around at 2:30am. Somehow I missed the lounge-around sofas - there's like 5 of them around gate 24. I thought I cruised by there to find them earlier, but I guess not cos I didn't see them till the morning.

At 5;30am, I gave in and spent some shekels to enter a lounge to get some comfy seats, drink and food. Not very democratic of me, but well worth it to be out of the crowds. There's like 50 - 60 flights that leave between 6 and 9:30am so the airport went from deserted to suddenly very crowded, and I didn't feel I had the agility to dodge all those luggage carts all of a sudden. I caved. I went seeking for sleek comfort and found it near gates 1 - 4 at the Wing.

BB helping to figure out controls
It was lovely - Noodle bar, Solus seats, Coffee loft and champagne bar. Showers too. Gave in to a 10 minute hot shower with a shower head the size of Texas set in the ceiling. The controls were a bit difficult to figure out though especially when it's early, you're sleep deprived and don't have your glasses on, AND the light is set to bathhouse dim. Doesn't matter, there was hot rain, lovely Jurlique soaps and unguents. Feeling much refreshed, went and had my fill of noodles, hot drinks and pastries - skipped the champagne though - compromised with some Perrier instead. Called home to check in and let them know where I was at. Good news there - GE has processed the paperwork and sent a cheque to dad so there's lolly in the kitty earning 4% over the next 12 months. Most. Excellent. One more thing done, one more string cut, and some financial acumen gained.

My ride arrives at the gate
Finally, my ride arrived at Gate 2, and we boarded. There was a bit of a delay cos of some other late planes and passengers who were connecting with ours. Some harried looking passengers running on board at the last minute. We missed our departure window so were delayed even more, and then the rain started. Finally, there was a break in the schedule and air traffic control popped us in and we left very hurriedly. One moment, we were sitting with attendants making sure we were buckled in, and the next moment, the plane just started moving and trundle onto the runway and then took off into the clouds. A bumpy take off and before we got to the 10,000 feet mark, there was a lightning strike - big flash that lit up the cabin, huge bang, and tingly finger tips. A little bit concerning, but the plane kept going, the pilot didn't say anything, one flight attend rushed around to check the engines from the windows, but otherwise it was just keep going. I looked this up later, and turns out lightning strikes are way common and planes are designed with this eventually in mind. Did make me wonder whether I should record something on my phone though - final messages and all that.

Harry having nightmare about Voldermort
The plane ride passed pretty quickly - lunch was served, lights were dimmed, watched a bunch of HP movies - pretty much all of them - sorcerer's stone, chamber of secrets, prisoner of Azkaban, goblet of fire, order of the phoenix and started the half-blood prince but didn't finish, and saved it for later when I had some good viewing time. The movies have actually held up pretty well. Slept a bit, woke up, had tea, then breakfast was served, and before you knew it, D the attendant was making us put our seats upright in preparation for landing. The rest was a blur. A very cool thing - We left at Noon on the 20th, and arrived at 9am on the same day - my photos are out of sync now. My version of Time Travel :)

Stocks on the table
New immigration entry process - all electronic now, answering questions and the like on a big screen that wasn't all that well designed, then collecting a chit for later. Delays with bags coming out, I was seriously one of the last bags to come out - I guess maybe the plane had spent the night in HKG, and maybe they just tossed my bag on first - first in - last out. Then the train and a car2go home. Unpacked, then Ash came up from B's, and he was all happy to see me - did the butt waggle too. And that was pretty much that. Trip over. RB came over in the evening - he'd done a lovely job looking after the apartment, left it all clean and Japanese looking, even left some stocks in the fridge and on the table so was a very nice welcome back. We had nachos at the Eastwood - playoffs are on, and was good to be out in the noise as it helped me stay up till a reasonable time.

And now (on the 21st), I'm doing laundry - it's been 48 hours since I've done any laundry so I miss it.