April 20 - 22 Recap

YVR - waiting for aerobridge to snake out.
Three days have passed since my returned, and I'm amazed it's passed so quickly. Quick recap here because I need to reboot what constitutes my life here, so as to allay the fears of the future:

Thursday April 20th: Arrived a little late (but you already knew that). Got home by 11sh, unpacked and cleaned up then had sniffy and licky reunion with Ash who seemed to be pleased that I was back. Went for a walk with him all the while staring into the sun to get rid of the residual melatonin since it was about 3am Friday morning for me. Something like that - who can really tell. We took a nap on the bed as well. I couldn't help it. Place was very dusty, but can't deal with that either. Food is non-existent except for coffee creamer thanks to friends who stocked some for me before I returned. Then had reunion with RE and Spunky - Ash's mentor and main tormentee - in the evening. Dinner at the Eastwood, nachos, before giving into sleep. Surprisingly didn't wake up in the early morning, but I guess that's par for the course. The first day back, I'm always tired out from the travel time, layovers and sitting in a composite material tube with poor air. Good things to note: Seedlings have sprung up, I have flower buds on my cherry tree - after 5 years - either it was the cold winter, or the tree finally matured. Anyway, it's exciting to see. The red tulips are up too (only three this year).

Cherry blossoms - first in 5 years
Friday April 21st: Went into work this morning and deleted a whole shitload of e-mails from my mailbox. Stuff that's either over, been taken care of, or been put into the "who cares" category. Had a quick whip around with CvB, made note of things that need to be taken care of in the next week. Nobody around - very empty office - kind of demoralizing. Most important task - started imprinting deadline dates for the various grants and the like that are coming up - have to try again, have to rejuvenate my sense of wonder and desire to do good in this world and all that. Okay, maybe scale back the ambition, and decide to leave the world a better place than before.

Must also remember that this feeling of being in limbo and caught between two timelines (KCH life and YVR life) is normal and mostly the result of jetlag and feeling sleepy and unable to do active things when supposedly awake, and totally awake and mind in overdrive when supposedly asleep. It's normal, things will settle down. Must also remember that you feel extra guilty when coming back here because leaving the P-units behind etc.

Life is multicoloured, not black and white
Must remember that these are separate, although overlapping, lives. Must also remember that nothing is black and white, that things can change quickly and slowly, that one mustn't lock into a plan as much as stay as adaptable as possible. That there are always priorities that will guide your decisions at the time. Must also remember that one can do one's best, or worst and it's up to one to choose which to do. Also remember that best and worst are relative terms and can mean very different things to different people.

The laundry can wait. 
In the evening, after coming home and taking a short nap with the pooch, had Red and Red dinner with salad. I have to start eating better, and being more active - hell, I was only more active than 54% of all of Vancouver last week. Terrible numbers even if the circumstances were extenuating - one can always, and should (I sound like the Queen don't I?) do better, must one not? Was an evening of walks, and letting the pooch run around a bit, then sitting around before falling prey to jetlag again and sleeping.

April 22nd: Woke up at 3am and fell asleep again, but did wake earlyish and even though groggy, took the pooch out for a run. Then a nap to rejuvenate - hate these sleepy pockets - but you just have to live through them. It would help to get a run in which is maybe something I'll do soon to get the body going again - it helps reset the clocks after all, or so I'm told. Then to homo depot to pick up some screws and latches, and check out wires, and eye hooks for new curtain project. Fixed freaking latch and lock after some mishaps with cracking wood and the like - but I think it'll work okay. Have some ideas now about curtain project. I think I would like an industrial look about this whole thing.

The talented duo
Back, snoozed again in the afternoon - was a very lazy day - watched bits of Beetlejuice and The Talented Mr. Ripley - who knew Steve was in it?!! It was a disturbing movie when I first saw it, and remains disturbing the second time around. Then pizza and then home feeling bloated with too much food - actually not too much food, but food at the wrong time for my body clock (at present) - Hope this will all resolve by Tuesday - too much to hope for Monday.

Maybe vitamin C - will help. Note to self - start Vitamin C on Sunday. AM and PM

To do today - write in blue book and write in black book so as to plan the upcoming week and month.