April 19th 2017 Kuching to KL to HKG

Enough pictures of laundry
A travel day, I'm so happy I could vomit. Bleah. Not looking forward to the long flights and layovers back to Vancouver. However, before we even get there, another (last one) load of laundry to be done. I estimate that I've done laundry 10 out of the last 12 days I've been here. What to do, it has to be done. If the dirty clothes pile up, then it becomes a big job for the folks, and it's a big effort for them to deal with heavy piles of wet clothing.

Had difficulty sleeping last night even though it was relatively cool and windy. Probably pre-trip jitters so was already tired by the time I woke up. Still, at least it wasn't an early departure so there was no rush. Did laundry, received final instructions from mum and dad about this and that, some very final, did last minute check of computer, moved dad from reading on the kindle (keep wanting spell kidney) to the tablet using the app instead, and gave another tutorial on using Duo. The kindle screen is crapping out, and besides can also swipe on the tablet so I think that'll work out better - what not to like, easier to read, and to maneuver.

Reverse view - of the condo from the plane
Put clothes out to dry and look out over the view again. The condo is now 16 years old and beginning to show its age. The views, however, are still pretty spectacular even if some of the original greenery has been replaced by housing and other commercial buildings. Checked lily bulbs, am convinced that one of them is growing - it seems to be responding to the light so told dad to keep turning the pot.

We had breakfast - a mixture of fruit, bread baked yesterday, chatted about future trips (them coming to me or sis), sis going to them in July, and me going back again sometime in the year - maybe November. Also, must plant seed re: Kathmandu or other. Maybe Belaga or Be'kalalan.

Did the final packing with the laksa liaw and the cake - Am also bringing back vases from over 30 years ago when mum took Ikebana classes in exchange for English lessons. It's a black monolith which I've always liked very much. Lilies will look spectacular in it. Total weight 20Kg, about half of what I had coming in. Flour is not light. Nor is laundry soap.

Former classmates having coffee
Finally it was time to go and I reluctantly said goodbye to mum, and dad drove me out to the airport. I'd checked in ahead of time, and the airline had issued me an electronic boarding pass. Right, so I decided to see how far I could take this....and didn't get a paper pass, or print one out after dropping off my bag. Well. Didn't get very far at all - not even past security because, guess what, they don't have the scanners for QR codes so they need a paper pass. Had to go back to the agent who giggled - why giggle I thought? Why not just tell me I need  paper pass right away and give me one. Anyway, was all done and bags are on their way to KL because for some reason can't check all the way through. Something to do with the lay over in HKG or other. While checking in, someone tap me on my shoulder and I turned around to see an old classmate from St. Thomas's Secondary School - SC. Quel surprise - Turns out he was on the same flight to KL which was a nice surprise. So between chatting to him, and to Dr. K on the phone, I didn't have time to think about leaving which is good cos it gets a bit melancholy when I do. I'll get to all that some other time - maybe when I'm back in Vancouver and Ash is sleeping on my lap.

Leaving the coast of Borneo
Got to KL no problem, smooth flight, can't say the same about the landing. Then SC and I collected bags and went for a coffee before he headed off to town, and I checked in with Cathay Dragon to start the next two legs. Wandered around the airport, went into the CX lounge, sat and ate - quite reasonably actually because know that I will be bloated with food later - all that sitting and pressure changes, it can't be good for the air trapped in one's stomach and gut - all the expanding and contracting. Flight was called, went in, sat at my window seat and was trapped by this large man-child who laughed out loud, cackled actually while watching movies. Tedium setting in as was tired and also know that probably won't have a good sleep either tonight.

Have revised opinion of selfie-sticks
And yes, my prediction was correct. After landing in Hong Kong, sniffed around the pay-in lounges for private resting areas - all booked up. Damn. The airline lounges close at midnight so no point trying to weasel way in there either. Geram-hati. So spent the rest of the night sleeping on the benches and managed about 3 hours worth of sleep.  And that was how I spent the 19th. Emotions tampered by distraction, and not sleeping much at all with a long layover and longer flight across the pacific for me. I could probably watch all the harry potter movies in one sitting....they loaded all on the movies onto the airline's entertainment system I noticed...