April 18th 2017 Kuching last day

Second proof - PH would be proud, one hopes.
So this was my last full day here before I head back to Vancouver.

No laundry today! Amazing, but somewhat inconvenient as this means that I will be bringing some dirty laundry back with me, and they'll have plenty of time to stink up the bag during the travel time and various lay-overs in 30C weather. Sheesh. Ah well, it just meant that this lack of laundry gave us time to make bread to try out the new yeast and flour I brought back 12 days ago - lord, it feels like an age. This visit in many ways has been a very comfortable one, because we all know what to expect from these more recent trips. It's been a bit of a change from trips of old where it was really more of a holiday, visit with relatives rather than a systems check and reboot of various bits and bobs around the house. The balance of responsibility is shifting slightly, and it's frightening, a little bit sad, and yet all too inevitable.

India St today
Once the bread was made, I drove down to town to pick up some last minute items. Parked opposite the old MAS building and walked over to India Street via Merdeka Square and found some ladles which are fine replacements for the ones that granny had, and are so useful in the kitchen. I've been craving them for a while, but have been told I have to wait, if you know what I mean. This way, I don't have to wait and feel bad about wanting the ladles. Also found a pair of jeans (this time the buying was purely reflexive) and a framed set of earrings, which coincidentally enough, my sister also got on the last visit. I'm not sure how this picture will fit in my shoebox, but time will tell. Perhaps, I'll get the whole set over the next few years and be done with it. Then my last packet of noodles and home. Oh yes, saw the first structures for the S-bridge go up! But before returning I allowed myself to be conned out of RM$50.00. It was an interesting con by an old man who was a smooth talker, and who reminded me a bit of Uncle J, except that he wouldn't have done such a con. I couldn't help myself because I didn't want to be bothered being mean and telling the old man to fuck off. So I gave him the money, brushed the seat of the car off and went on my way. This is karma (or so I tell myself) for not having change when I took a cab ride in KL early one morning, and the poor cabby just gave me the ride for free. I know, it's not very equitable, but I have to make up for it somehow don't I? Do I? Should I? It bugs me, but yet not - the con I mean.

Naff off callow youth, we have a selfie stick and use it
Home, swim and tasted the bread - not bad at all. The rest of the afternoon, spent cleaning up and packing and vacillating over what to bring, and whether I should or not, and how heavy things will be etc. Maybe next time, I'll just treat myself to an empty bag on the way home. God forbid that my bags ever be empty on the way here - at least for a long while yet. Had dinner (lamb curry), then out with the kaki for another coffee which was way too sweet. Actually Chai tea and I had to ask for hot water to dilute the tea whereupon I was looked upon as a sakai by the baristas at Earthlings - screw them, I don't care. I'm in my fifties and don't give a fuck. Even better, I whipped out a selfie stick, and the whole group of us started playing around with it - I love it, a bunch of 50 year olds (save for 1) acting more teenage like that the callow youth around us - how do they afford the coffee at this place - it sure ain't cheap. And all, all that happened before Dr. PK showed us a new sex aid, developed by someone in the State. It all seems very unlikely, especially since it went 'pop' when it was blown up, but who knows what could happen.

Orodam used as putative sex-aid, use your imagination.

kuih lapis rasa yang paling best at midnight 
Then home, and tried to go to bed early, but it's not happening. 1 am and I'm still awake so that's why I decided to get this post out of the way - after having some toast and meat floss followed by prune kuih lapis which is oh-so-delicious. It's layer cake - about 20 odd layers, each layer being baked on. Time consuming to make, but when done well, just fecking delicious. IC's cousin makes them and I ordered one, but she wouldn't take money for it - an exchange for the duty free bin-kut-kut project I suppose.

That's it - must go to bed now - have a long trip ahead of me, and I'll save the next post for when I'm wide awake at the wrong time after arriving in Vancouver. I'll deal with the emotional roller coaster then - guilt, relief, joy (at seeing Ash) and the scary responsibilities of work. Yuck. I want to retire. I so want to retire.

NB. Dr. K better now, no need to bribe Dr. C with a vacation so he can do some therapy. Right, that's all for now.