April 17th 2017 Kuching (still

Last laundry of the trip?
Monday, and it feels like Sunday slipped into Monday and merged with it. Same sultry, hot day except that there was sun instead of rain today. The sojourn is coming to an end as I leave on the 19th so there's always this little last minute rush to get things done. However, the humidity doesn't cooperate with your desire to move quickly - rather, it makes moving around like swimming treacle. Lost track of the number of showers I had today.  Didn't feel like going for a swim, much less a run so I compromised by rubbing my elbows with ice and doing some stretching - worked up just as much of a sweat as a run - almost.

So, got up and started laundry as usual and then napped while the program went through its cycle, and then Y and R came over with Mee Siam (Thai noodles, the Kuching version), mee jawa and char kway teow for lunch and a visit with the folks. Loud, raucous laughter heard throughout the building. After the visit, we all repaired to our respective rooms for a pick me up nap - yes, it was that kind of day.
Waiting for first Uber ride

Then the excitement of the day - took dad out on his first Uber ride. He's been wanting to learn how to use the app; sis had set up his account on previous visit, but didn't have time to take him through a run. I've never used Uber before so it was almost as exciting for me. The whole process was very easy, the cars were clean, the drivers were very helpful and the ride was very easily booked and executed. We just went down to Spring Mall which was not that far away, but enough to give dad a taste of how it worked, and how much easier the trip was if you didn't have to drive, navigate tight corners in indoor parking, and find parking spots close to the main entrance (very hot you see). He was impressed, and I think is confident enough to do it himself. We'll see how many trips he takes before sis gets here in July.

My new shoes with yellow trip
At Spring, I got more shorts - dark red ones with nice trim - size 29/30...ahem. I can still fit into them. Yes. And shoes with yellow trim. RB will hate them, but at CAD$50.00 a pair, how can you go wrong? The shopping has been pretty limited this year I must admit, I've not bought much clothing at all. Just some shorts and shoes and socks, and only if they're on sale. Yes, must say that I'm  feeling frugal these days because there've been a lot of expenses this last month. Speaking of which, I hope the GE cheque comes soon so that can put that out of my mind. I'm sure it'll be sorted out, but I just want everything to go smoothly.

That afternoon after the return trip from Spring, I faded quickly, had another shower, turned on the air conditioning and settled in for a snooze. I wonder if it's because I've finally let go of all the other side of the world cares and worries, and am settling into a more relaxed pace here, or if it's because I'm just being lazy. I would like mostly to go to a beach vacation now and sit and read and turn off the phone and not have to worry about other things.

An underutilized pool
That evening, dad went to a dinner at Heritage for OKB, whose family also harbours a high percentage of rainbow coloured sheep. According to dad, there were some artist types in addition to the usual family types - reminded me that there was a time when little S was dating D from the O family, and there were lots of jokes about joining families etc. Given the genes in both families, I can only imagine the colourful kids that could have come about from such a union...Then mum and I settled in to our usual long chat about family gossip and who did what, and why. This happens at least once every trip and it's always good (sometimes sad) to hear about past history and goings-on.

And that was the day - a slow one, but somethings accomplished still. All good!