April 16th 2017 Kuching

 Cake with severe cosmetic surgery
A totally lazy Sunday. Woke up and felt lethargic beyond belief because the clouds were low, the temperatures were high, and the relative humidity was above and beyond the pale. Then the rains fell, but there was wind, and it felt hot, damp and icky. So I had my Gold Nescafe cuppa, then promptly went back to bed, much like little Ash is doing back in East Vancouver according to reports I've received.  A very sultry day over all, but didn't feel like doing much of anything. I did have to get up eventually, however, to ice the cake made for Easter - Nigella's Guinness cake, so suitable for many occasions. Unfortunately, the cake tin was tipped over before the cake had cooled down, so part of it stuck to the pan, and the rest fell. Surgery required to remove the collateral damage and icing to cover up the scars. Ooopsie. Nobody needs to know, except that I know mum will broadcast this loud and clear at the dinner table.

The dryer still works!
Did more laundry - how to do laundry on such a humid day I ask? You wash, then hang up, and with the humidity, how to dry the clothes if you just leave hanging up with no wind blowing, no sun shining, and rain falling. Walaubagaimanapun...I bunged everything into the dryer after a few hours in the damp after realising that there was no drying effect to be had. Shame, but that's the way it is. Ha. A little victory for me even if I had to go through the motions of hanging up the clothes in the hangers and then putting it out on the iron/bamboo pole that hangs on the balcony railings thereby effectively preventing you from using the balcony for anything else - it actually makes that space feel claustrophobic which is so ironic because you're surrounded by wide open skies otherwise, looking out into the distance. So it only took 10 days, but I got my way (partially) which I'll take as a victory. Never before has the adage, one must pick one's battles ever been truer. Ever, ever, ever. I'll never have a complete victory, but the little battles are important ton one's sense of control.

Rib soup - not a fish in sight
Fortunately, while this silent but intensely underground war was going on, lovely MH, one of my oldest friends - in the sense of knowing him for a long time rather than age - called up and asked me out for lunch so he came to pick me up and we drove over to Tabuan Jaya, opposite Viva City and went to the Frenzied Fish where we had pork bone soup with veg and rice. A simple meal which I actually managed to pay for this time by virtue of being quick, and having the cash ready. After, it was a hop, skip and a jump over to Earthlings for an afternoon coffee - three flat whites with the house blend, Black Market. We sat outside, shielded from the gently falling rain by a wooden roof (lovely tap tap tap sounds on the roof) with a breeze blowing, and suddenly it didn't feel too humid after all. I'm very glad that we were able to squeeze this lunch in on a Sunday else it would have meant a long-standing tradition would have been broken. Every Sunday I've been back, I've pretty much gone to breakfast with the laksa club - this time though, IC is away and we didn't manage to meet for breakfast so tradition was upheld even though it was lunch, and we barely met quorum.

Sizzling beef had a bit too much sizzle
Then home again in the rain for a nap before the Easter Dinner at the Club with all the same-level cousins and the nephews and nieces (those who are still in town at any rate). It was a fun evening although the logistics were a bit complicated with the drop-offs, managing the stairs and the walk into the inner sanctum where ate, although we did have to ask for the temperature setting to be raised from 18C (I ask you!) to 23C otherwise, it would have been far too cold. We had (to the best of my memory):

Fish lip soup (pendulous and tasty), Tofu with minced meat and salted fish, Sizzling beef, Thai chicken with jellyfish, Asam fish in a hotpot, Soft-shelled crab, Butter prawns and Mixed vegetables

For all this, the bill came up to RM$442.00 which is about CAD$150.00. Then there was cake - two kinds - Nigella's Guinness cake, and a dark chocolate (70%) cheesecake for Cousin H's birthday which was the next day. Lots of good food and company. Was good catching up with everyone again and remembering birthdays (dad's last week, Cousin H's the next day), Easter, and the Aunt #1 who died in January.  And that was Sunday, April the 16th.  More pictures here if interested enough in seeing more of the food and people.