April 15th 2017 Kuching

Another Saturday, and another load of laundry - this time a big one cos yesterday only sheets were washed. This could be a short post because I don't remember what I did today. Let's see. Maybe I should just go by pics and captions today for a change with the idea that a picture says a thousand words, especially when aided by a generously descriptive caption. Yes, let's do that. I'm feeling lazy about writing witty apercus.

I find a scale and step on with fear. Fortunately I've only gained 2.5 lbs since October. Phew.

I went shopping for Spring clothing at Spring - funny how everything turned out black except for the tips of the five finger socks. A good haul: Jeans, two pairs of shorts, some undershirts and funky diesel socks for CAD$90.00
We admire Dad's white lily which bloomed just in time for the Easter weekend!
I make NGC for the Easter dinner tonight. Unfortunately the cake cracked when it was tipped over so surgery was required. Icing and decoration today. Not quite a showstopper but this is a reliable favourite.
My hopes of grilling steak and making puffy light yorkshire pudding are dashed when the pudding just doesn't rise. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. I shall try again on Monday, but not with high protein flour.
A shot of the surrounding area as twilight hit. It started out as a sunny day but ended with a night of rain.
That's it, nothing else to see. Move along now folks. Normal programming will resume tomorrow assuming I can get up the energy to be imaginative, and let's be serious here, remember how to spell again.