April 14th 2017 Kuching

Visiting Aunty M
Good Friday today and it's a holiday here. Quite a bit of church going, the schedules at the Roman Catholic, the Anglican and the Methodist churches alone reduced the traffic on the main arterial roads substantially. It's a mix of church going people going to the service, and the drivers of said church going people who sit outside in the parking lot, waiting - MH calls them (and himself) Outstanding Catholics (or whatever denomination you choose to belong to). We took advantage of the reduced traffic to go visit Aunty M at Nanas Road. Haven't seen her in a few year and it was nice to drop in - especially since she's recovering from some major dental work recently and unable to eat very much. We brought her rice noodle soup so hopefully that, and the visit cheered her up somewhat.

Left over breakfast - no more too rich
In our humble abode, the day started with a confused wake up cos I switched my phone off to develop good habits and as a result didn't know what time it was. It was early though, but not as early as the 4 am wake ups. An abbreviated breakfast consisting of laksa from the previous day (kept in the fridge, it survives quite well) then laundry - bedsheets only this time because the cleaner comes in today to clean, and change the sheets so one must be ready. Dad planted his lilies, and I did a little bit of work and reading as I'm quite reluctant to go full-scale into work matters still. An interesting aside, in chatting with AL, he actually planned my retirement for me - he said, given the present exchange rates, if I were to consolidate all my assets etc and bring them over, with a fairly conservative investment portfolio (rates are 4% here for term deposits), I could get an income of between 7 - 8 thousand ringgit per month. That'd be some seriously comfortable living. Now if I could only figure out how to bring Ash over with me...

Meat here now
Then lunch with MH and YL. We went to a newish eating establishment, "Meating Now" which serves chicken rice and assorted veg and chicken  steamed or roasted. Simple menu, simple meal, exactly what's needed. After, we headed over to Mr. Wong's for some coffee - at Kuppa-Cup, which was just around the corner where we spoke of 1) Mark Knoffler's solo albums and why they were so difficult to find on Spotify (copyright problems I think), 2) dogs - cos Mr. Wong has a pooch who  gets his newspaper for him - not kidding, I watched the video, the pooch goes to the gate, gets the daily, and brings it in, and 3) the bulldog what lives in the adjoining store because Mr. Wong saw a picture of Ash (he thought him adorable, but that's pretty much to be taken for granted now) and was reminded of the bulldog next door. It's interesting that in the last 10 years or so, the population of stray dogs has dropped, and there are more people putting collars on their dogs, and taking dogs out on a leash for walks. There's even a program here - mostly voluntary where people round up the stray dog or dogs in their area, bring them into the vet for neutering and a health check, then release them back to where they came from. The idea being that the dog has already established a territory and food source, and even though it doesn't answer to one owner, it is at least in decent health, and unable to reproduce. I think this is a not bad compromise between euthanasia and looking for foster homes - it seems to work okay in this part of the world - at least for now. There's a similar program for feral cats too.

Tropical running
After lunch, went home for a swim and then a nap. Household chores, collect the laundry, sorted through some boxes of stuff I'd left behind, mostly old photos although I didn't find the pictures that I was hoping to find and share with SL - most annoying. I'll track them down eventually cos I know that I wouldn't have thrown them out. The UVIC years, most likely. The Shoreham years, very unlikely. I even found the TransAir boarding pass which was instrumental in my meeting JB, who at least 15 years later, I spent a week with in Hawaii. Then dad and I went to Taman Sama Jaya (a forestry reserve nearby) where there's a path which snakes through the forest for a run - he walked - I ran and sweated crazy amounts of liquid. BK has been here before, and we ran a few loops back in 2013 if memory serves me correctly.

Steroid-free cooling herbs
After, we went home and boiled up the bag of herbs that YL had left for me cos there's heat in my body (Mystic Masseuse diagnosis) to cool the heat off. I've been drinking this on and off and it hasn't killed me yet so that's good - I say kill or have other effects because there've been cases of these bag of herbs containing steroids - why, I don't know, but they did. Then it was dinner, some work with recommendations etc and then sleep the sleep of the tired and dead - i.e. one who ran in tropical heat when not conditioned to the temperatures. Quick conversation with Dr. EK too about physiotherapists, state of minds and the like. She brings perspective to what can be done or not.