April 13th 2017 Kuching

Breakfast options are varied here
"Breakfast at 730 in the cafe opposite the tennis courts and where the pau vendor is well-regarded for his goods", was how the message went. So I went to the BDC tennis courts at said time only to discover that the courts had been ripped out, and the pau vendor had moved restaurants. Fortunately the noodle store was still there (prices still held at 2016 numbers). So there was a little confusion as we sorted ourselves out because two of our nodal locators were off. Goodness, Dr. J wouldn't have been impressed. In any case, cousins BC and PL eventually showed up and PL  took over the proceedings, ordering for us, telling us what to have and so forth. I had black coffee, and was instantly told off for not having sugar because I was too skinny, and what was wrong, was I afraid of sugar, look, I'm the one who should be afraid given my age and weight. I silently agreed, within my rich inner life, and just smiled enigmatically. Lord knows, there are days when I would like to be able to break the 4th wall in real life (learn't that phrase from CT).

Old sins cast long shadows...
 Anyway, at said breakfast, I wasn't given the opportunity to say much, and much advice was given, mostly unsolicited. This is one disadvantage of GAB (Good Asian Boy - do keep up) culture, you keep listen to your elders, and in this case, both cousins were easily 12 - 15 years older than me. So I was told how to handle my parents, how cumin oil is the cure-all for all diseases (what about your mother, I felt like saying bitterly - but didn't), how the younger generation (not sure whether I was included) just doesn't know what to do, how siblings were weird, and how the ills of the world should be righted. I say world in a local sense because the wrongs to be righted were didn't go past State, nay, Municipal borders - well unless you include the other cousin (sibling of PL) who has plans to cross the border for a cheaper, easier life in Indonesia because he's not getting on with his boss. Whew. What an earful, and all the time, I couldn't help but think, someone should really get a nose trimmer for one of them. Walaubagaimanapun. They mean well with the advice, but it's not really rooted in reality, so I shall ignore it for the most part.

Tow Keh Neoy Attitude
Next up, an appointment with K and J at the physio rehab center to discuss matters regarding a certain recalcitrant parent who would probably benefit from physio in many ways but is highly resistant to the idea. Partly because the last set of sessions were run (probably) more aggressively than they should have been, and the hump wasn't breached in the time frame given. Both J and K were very good - they listened properly to our concerns, and answered questions in a very reasonable manner - no hyperbole nor in a brush-you-off manner. We came up with a new plan and strategy to follow, and will put this place starting May...Now to convince said recalcitrant parent...It wasn't easy explaining vicious circles in dialect. The crux of the problem. If you're deconditioned, and weak in the arms and legs, it's easier to not do anything and become even more deconditioned, so when you try and do something about the deconditioning, your limbs aren't going to be ready, then you feel even more tired and less likely to do anything. J and K agreed that we need to restart the sessions, and take it at a slower pace. Long story short, the RP agreed reluctantly after some explaining and coercion to go back in May for another shot. We'll see whether this takes or not. She wants more sessions with the mystic masseuse because it seems to do her good and that'll play out for the rest of April. The victory seem too easily come by though...and I rather fear that they'll be some phone encouragement required.

Lemon Curd Danish - NOT PETs
After that, had to deal with the Paul Hollywood Pastry bloat. You remember, the attempt to make full puff pastry/bread dough for making danishes. Yeast is present in the dough, but it's kept in the fridge for most of the preparation time, and it's not supposed to rise, but it did! It did! Anyway, we had a 24 hour delay before we could get to it, and the blob was pushing the plastic bag it was in to its limit. So we dragged out the dough, bashed it down, and started rolling it out in 24C temperatures (internal) and the butter started melting and running all over the place making it almost impossible to roll out - and I swear, I could feel the damn dough rise up as fast as I pressed it down. The end result were very ugly danishes, with filling pouring out from them over the trays and so on, but quite edible. Good pastry dough, crisp with many layers. A good first attempt, I'd say even if SB said, they looked like Portugese egg tarts. Hrumph.

Buzz buzz buzz, little Vietnamese Mosquitoes
The rest of the day - napped, this damn jetlag is really not lifting yet, and then dinner - abbreviated cos left overs, and then to Bing which has gone downhill for coffee with the kids, and to meet up with PK to deliver his Vietnamese mosquitoes.

Then home and to bed. A busy day of negotiation and placating and tempering parental (the other one) fears that we kids don't know what we're doing. I just had a very Eastery Thought - outsiders looking in would see all of us crucified on crosses being martyrs to each other...oooh. GAB syndrome kicks in, must step away. Must do for self. Must. Reduce. Empathy. Must. Resist.