April 12th 2017 Kuching

Happy Birthday to us all
Today is my father's birthday so happy birthday. It's also BK and AM's birthday too. Quel coincidence. Happy birthday to you all. 

Right, back to me. This post is late because I've been sleepy all day (today, the 13th). Yes, all these time changes are so confusing - my mother is watching a series called Timeless, and in this episode someone has gone back to interfere in the assassination of Lincoln, and I'm feeling suddenly very jet-lagged hence sleepy. But the good thing is, I did sleep through both the morning prayers and the first flight to KL.

I've been bruised for life
So let's see - what happened today (the 12th): First order of the day was to go to ST"s for a mystic massage - ST is a teeny little woman who was discovered by my cousin, and who's been working on many friends and relatives since. I call her the mystic masseuse because everyone swears by her, and says that she can sense with the touch of a finger, what ails you. Mum has been treated by her, and finds it beneficial. So I brought her there for a treatment, and she gave me one as well. She's also an accomplished musician and plays the drums, or so I've been told.

My. God. It was painful. She tested out my points (not sure what kind) and the channels what link those points and used her thumbs to dig through those channels to get the flow of energy going again so that I wouldn't have all these sore (blocked areas). It was an excruciating process, and I'm not sure what comes next. Allz I know is that I feel sore adn like I've been put through a wringer, but maybe in another 24 hours or so, all will feel better.

Not that obvious, but 9 pieces of plastic there
We stopped off at Imperial Duck to get a duck for the evening and I used up my umpteenth plastic bag of the week. Lord, what a record to break - drive more in a week than I've driven in a year, and use more plastic bags in the same time frame (and same time frame). Ah well. This is a different time and place after all and one must do what one must do - not that it's correct, but just is.

Paul Hollywood all puffed up
Made full puff pastry with the recipe that Paul Hollywood published. It's all a bit amorphous, it has yeast and the dough puffed up  even when left in the fridge. Time will tell whether it works when we try to make Danish pastry...eeek.

We made 10 - vegetables (not quite ten, but had black fungus, carrots, tofu strips and lots of other stuff), lamb shanks that were marinated for two days, the duck from ID and some other vegetables. I made a cherry pound cake that sagged in the middle, but we flipped it over and so it looked okay once iced with lemon frosting. MH, YL, IIC and mum came too so we ate and had a generally decent time celebrating the event. The first year after 80.

See, told you she played drums
I'm not very coherent today. Suffice to say that yesterday consisted of a painful massage, cooking, making pastry, some laundry and dinner with some friends for dad's birthday - it's so confusing because I could only wish BK and AM their happy birthday this (the 13th) morning. Anyway, sleepy period today so I think I might just say screw work and take a nap.

Really must reply to SL, and the troops at work soon so that they don't fret - although I'm pretty sure they're not really fretting. Just prevaricating actually when the so called boss is away. Then again, I'm also prevaricating, so what could be fairer...