April 11th 2017 Kuching

The many uses of laundry detergent bottles
A day off! nobody to meet for breakfast in the morning. Instead, I walked out to the local F&B area at BDC instead of driving. Said hello to a lovely white dog (bit malnourished) who trotted after me and sniffed my hand in greeting. I wanted to take him home with me, and then thought how muddy the field would be and how dirty he would get and regretfully put that thought away.

The walk out was hot - only 20 minutes but blistering heat and this was at 830, part of the idea to walk was because I didn't want to be on the roads with the school going traffic. It get so silly - one of my classmates was talking about the daily commute to send the kids to school and pick them up, and how it had just finished only because he'd packed them off to Australia for college. The traffic here is horrible in spurts. Most parts are okay, but there are certain bottlenecks which just slow everything down. It was interesting, however, to see the surrounding neigbour hood and how people do things. I don't think I've actually walked around in this area before. It's always been drive out and drive back in.

Not that impossible to find after all
Later in the morning, I drove down to GE again to pass them my signed papers. Cleverly, I chose a time when all good children were in school and all good parents at work. Found the place easily enough this time as I'd figured out the byzantine route to the building which is not quite at the back of HSBC as they'd told me. Not all in fact. Anyway, this lady helped me with the process, and verified a bunch of stuff as well - good to see that they're on the ball about this. She even did my biometric measurements that spat out a printed sheet of my details with a picture and everything that was kinda spooky. In any case, I feel a bit better that that biometric file is going in as it shows that I am who I am, despite evolving signatures and the like. So what was interesting about the whole transaction. We spoke regular English, not slang, when verifying and processing the documents. Then we switched to dialect when I made a request on behalf of my dad who's probably going to have to get the final document in a few week's time - quasi-business and also because it gets the point that my dad wants documentation from them so that the pick up process will go smoothly. Then as I was leaving, she speaks in Malay to the guard who was messing about with the PA system. Language  so intimately tied to culture and circumstance.

No soggy bottom, but a saggy top
Then home for the afternoon where I made full puff pastry - no pictures because the butter was melting so fast, and my hands were so greasy. The dough is now resting, and time will tell how successful the attempt was later this afternoon when we try making apple danishes.... I'm sure there will be cursing. The heat in the kitchen in the afternoon is awful. It's so bad that your ear wax melts and starts dripping out. Are you gagging just a little bit now? Also made cherry cake for dad's birthday tomorrow - not too bad even if the middle sagged a bit. As long as it's moist, has a good crumb and the cherries are well-distributed so all is good enough.

You could knit a scarf from the lint 
In the evening, finally crashed because I've really not had very much sleep in the last 5 days. What with going to bed at 10pm, up at 4am then doing laundry. Yes, we did laundry, and there was an almost catastrophe with a coin falling into the grill and making a rattling noise. Had to take the bottom piece out and I was disgusted at the yellow slime we found. I'll spare you the picture of that but will show you how much lint had collected in the filters. Sheesh. The jets were so much stronger after the cleaning. I think I'll have to sneak an empty wash in to try and clean the barrel out more.