Not Approved

Hrumph. So we didn't make the first cut. Feck. I'm so annoyed with self that I can't help going to the news first thing in the morning to see what the latest atrocity is. Must. Stop. Must. Stop. Must remind self that there're other perspectives out there which are different. That my existence isn't the only possibility. That there are other pathways I can take.

Oh me, oh my - or so said Tina.

Bugger it all...
Can't be helped
It's out of my control
Don't think of wreaking vengeance
Although I may put up a nasty sign about the dog pee
The conclusion was expected
I have time to do a reboot
There are 3 pairs of hands working on a new project
It's March - there are signs of Spring
I will put a shitload of matthiola down everywhere
There's a 2% change in the air
Screw the powers that be
Nellie's laundry soap - buy loads and loads and loads

Moving on...
Get the pooch sorted out for April
Sort out phone - thank goodness for cloud backups
Double thanks for claritin (whew)
Continue with the drip-drip-drip shopping because you just don't know when you'll have another chance
Continue obsessing over Premium bookings
Get lounge access or hotel for the layover - I'm not walking 10k again
Submit in June
Submit in October
Look for RFP
Continue with hybrids and get paper out
Stop looking for morning atrocities
Prepare for RB visit
Keep the IAC rolling along
Start some running
Preserve some time for self
Get a digital scale
Eat Laksa
Get back on track
Clear out patio and bulbs and seeds cos you'll miss the opportunity if you don't
Savour the moment
Write a precis of thoughts for new project
Go medicine free except ibuprofen when back hurts
Buy soil

On the bright side...
Elbows are much better
Fixed (even if temporary) the toe clips
It is warming up
Made my own Eccles Cakes
The 2% thing helps. Every little bit helps
Didn't have to replace phone with bank account
Possibility of discharging family debts
Asheville, NC is a possibility - maybe Columbus, OH.
Let sleeping dogs lie
Maybe aphids are dead