a quickie post

One of my 7 minute posts.

Feeling a wee bit overwhelmed as there is a cluster of stuff coming up this week which needs attention. Argh.

But first must clear m ind in zen sort of way so that can deal with the things coming up. Breathe, etc etc.

Tomorrow - getting my teeth scraped. That'll be no fun. Especially since I've not been taking care of them as well as I should have.

Hmmm. Washing machine making rebellious noises while spinning.. hope it's not going to break down.

Phone - failed on Saturday night, but by Sunday, lovely Google had sorted it all out. But while being sorted out was in total panic because felt so cut off and isolated. Fortunately I have a loaner phone now although it's so smooth and slippery I feel like I'll drop it. Put band aids on it to help with the grip. KB won't be impressed as it's his phone, but better to have some sticky residue than a large crack...although BK did drop and crack my phone so maybe pay-back even if soi-distant is in order....

There's a talk have to prepare, abstract to write, posters to judge and many other things to read and write about. Also, expecting some results this week - I'm sure it won't go well. We'll see whether we make it to the second round.

Ah well. There was some good news recently even if it was almost 8 years in coming. Good thing I'm not greedy and won't become consumed about the injustices meted out. I just want enough shekels to pay off my shoebox - maybe that's why i'm so reluctant to buy shoes? Hmmm? just a thought. Also need a new pair of jeans. I'm down to one. Eek.

Two more minutes.

Quick - crocuses are out, poinsetta is dying, orchids new leaves but no flower spikes. Ash sleeping, Benji going to Tofino for beach break - the pathos when those two say goodbye. SNow on the ground. Rain on the way (one hopes)...and it's 7 minutes.

That's it.