No jelly tots!
Does anyone remember jelly tots? A memory from my childhood candy repository - now that I've moved on to Kit-Kats as a nutritious breakfast food. The blackcurrant ones were my favourite by far. I must learn to make them - it's basically flavoured and sweetened gelatine after all.

I must stop thinking today. Or at least try and go with the flow. I'm at a point in my reading where I'm beginning to fizz and make unsubstantiated jumps in logic. A bit rotten tangerinish of me actually, except that I go back and substantiate the jumps unlike RT who simply jumps and hopes for the best (shudder).

Speaking of which, I must not look at the news today. I fell off the wagon and binged on the news and wallowed in self-pitying helplessness at not being able to do anything and this blighted  malaise trickled over to the worth of my life and life in general which made me ask a friend whether it was worthwhile existing (in the general sense, not in the particular - i.e. humankind as opposed to one).

And he said, I think not. I know not, Why?

And all I could say was, "I think therefore I am" ergo, "You think not, therefore you're not".

And I have no idea what I'm thinking or saying - this is what happens when ideas start fizzing and thoughts make random connections like a sample being dipped into formaldehyde whereupon all manner of non-specific links - and what's all this about precision medicine? - form.

Endocytosis - do you realise just how impossibly complicated it is for cells to take something in? I doesn't just happen you know. Need a trojan horse so I can change pH of cells and make them think they don't exist and take action on that. Ooh. How clever of me - a link to Pascal here. How to work this into the non extant (therefore they thunk not) grant applications.

I'm losing today I shall go get cherries (or raspberries) and make jam. Yes. Jam. And Ganache. yes. I do have my 13" curved spatula for smoothing sugary things onto cakes now.