Three more daysI

Breakfast as part of a healthy diet that encourages weight loss. It's true. It's a published thing.
Toousdday and three more days to go before the weekend. It's sad that I count down to days off. That's partly because I'm demoralized by the way things are going at work. There's good and there's bad - it all doesn't matter because really what I want is a change.  The kind of changes that are acceptable:

  • Winning a large sum of money that is unencumbered (i.e. the lottery). That way, I could put a little towards funding some research, I could put a lot towards some select organization that works to balance some of the inequities in the world - yes, I know, it's all draw of the luck, but that doesn't mean we can't help out here and there. Then I'd put some towards the mortgage, retirement funds, making sure the family is secure and free of financial worries (that's about all you can do these days - other worries emanate from within so you have to deal with them yourself). There, that should about use up the winnings. Oh, I might (if there's any left) treat myself to a recovery holiday somewhere warm, and where the people are not oppressed, with a good physiotherapist to help get all the aches and pains, all the imbalances in my body out - out damn imbalances - out with you.
  • Getting a job at some NGO which pays sufficient for me to live on, and takes me to some area of the world where I can do some good. In the meantime, I'd take advantage of the sharing economy to cover my mortgage - i.e. Airbnb - or something like that so that when I've done my modicum of helping out, I can come back and focus on my little world here and make it perfect so that I'm in a bubble. 
  • Actually, scrap the bubble. I don't want to be in a bubble unless it's set on expanding - which it is. And it's because of the pooch who I take out at least once a day. There're other poochy people out there who are becoming regulars - not quite like a pub regular but regulars nonetheless.
  • Do I want to get another grant? I'm not so sure anymore. It all seems to be so much more effort than necessary. But now, if I were to be offered a job managing the bits and bobs of equipment with flashing lights, I might consider it. 

So there it is, but I'd better get down to my, where's that chocolate cake?

Just sayin'