Losing focus

Sighing deep sighs this morning.

Everything is blurry, and I'm tired of flipping between my reading and regular glasses.  And as I lose focus with my eyes, I lose focus with my mind. So then I make lists, and then I forget where the lists are and because I use cryptic terminology, I don't remember what the lists stand for.

Have I reached the age when I must write full sentences, if not paragraphs, to remind me of simple things like, "Go to London Drugs to get the boxes", where in the old days I would have written "floating shelf", and known exactly what was needed.

Oh me. Oh my. Maybe I should use glass cleaner on my spectacles...or maybe my eyeballs...what do you think?

Different topic - How can Boston Terriers (BTs) be so needy? Honestly - this little guy went on long walk with CT and me on McDonald Beach on Sunday, then a walk on Main St. on Monday morning, and then to Bridgeman Park with the venerable Spunky that same afternoon, and had a nap with me last night while watching Sneaky Pete, and now he's desperate to clamber onto me and suck away the warmth from my body, and in return deposit loose hair on my fleece. Brat. Grow up. Learn that co-dependency is bad for both of us.

Now this means that I have angle my laptop and body in a strange angle to accommodate this little caramel coloured heat vampire in order to get my work done. This shall not do my back or shoulder any good. I may have to spray myself with bitter apple to stop him from climbing aboard any old time.

Okay - today, be a spy for SB - until 11, take the pooch out for a pee-pee, go to work, and on way back, get those boxes from London drugs. Lovely London Drugs. Then tonight, I do some reading, and deep clean at least one room.

Now, have to summarize what's supposed to be happening for the powers that be.