Domestic Disturbances

Whoa. What a shit-show last week (and this week so far) has been.

Well. I have problems too.

  • My garburettor is broken
  • I don't know how to spell "garburator"
  • My pooch scratches himself more than I would like
  • My dishwasher is making more noises than it used to
  • The dial on my laundry machine won't select the program I want without a lot of jiggling
  • I saw a silverfish last night
  • My usb connector to my mouse has lost its cover so all its innards are showing like a bad version of the terminator villain guy thingy
  • I have holes in my socks and jeans but can't be arsed to get new ones just yet even though I could do it through Amazon Prime
  • My bacon was stringy this morning
  • There's green mould on the patio of my shoebox what has vistas
  • Dog hair covers everything in my shoebox
  • I have people working for me but the work isn't working if you know what I mean
  • I still have the opportunity to apply for funding even if the funding is hard to come by
  • Even though my TE is gone, my family is well (for the most part)
  • My bike lock broke, but I fixed it
  • I have a 13" angular spatula coming
  • My bills are paid and my payments are up to date
  • I have savings in a country whose banking system is stable
  • My Prime Minister is a Liberal with progressive views on how society should work - i.e. not to just squeeze the last dollar out of everything and everyone
And I could go on listing more and more problems. But you get the point. What's going on in my little world is nothing - only minor irritations - nothing that I can't deal with. Must. Remember. This.

One last thing - Must stop eating Kit-Kat for breakfast after having bacon.