Aeropress and Empathy (trop)

Give me my coffee now!
Two things to complain about today.

My garburator broke. Damn it. This makes me want to get an Aeropress for my morning coffee.  Bear with me as I go through the tortured logic that rules my little blighted life.

To make coffee, I use a French Press or a camping filter thingy which is like a teeny deep sieve that fits into a mug. In both cases, coffee grounds go in to the vessel, hot water goes over, you separate the brewed coffee from the grounds and there's your coffee...EXCEPT you now have to deal with the grounds. Which stick to the sieve or the press. And don't fall off into the composting bag nicely. Oh no, they fall into the sink instead and get all over your dishes and pots what are waiting to be washed, so you end up with coffee grit all over the place when you wash. I hate this. H.A.T.E.

When the garburator was working, I'd wash all that grit down the sink, collect enough to make it worthwhile doing some grinding and then boom - quick flip of the switch with water running, and the garburator took care of the mess.

Unfortunately I can't do that now. So - it'll cost in excess of $200 to repair/replace the garburator, or I could get an Aeropress for $40.00 where the coffee grounds stick to the filter and you just knock the filter off into the composting bag - clean and simple.

See. Makes sense doesn't it? Grounds go into composting bag and not into the sewer system, I don't get gritty coffee grounds over my dishes and pots while washing (hence using more water and straining the environment) and I save $160.00, and use less hydro power.

So, should I go stress out the Amazon Prime drivers and shippers by clicking on the buy button?

The power of my garburator

I'm listening to an audiocast about empathy - the science behind it, and what the neurological basis for empathy is (note: they don't call it a podcast, but an audiocast - That's the Guardian for you). This is the Science Weekly audiocast from the Guardian.

Anyway, did you realise that you can have too much empathy? They went through the symptoms, and I realised that I suffer from the condition wherein people have too much empathy and take on too much (Tell me to get off the cross, and I'll burn you at the stake) and end up (I paraphrase and confabulate here) cowering in a corner of the room (on a comfy cushion) with eyes glittering unnaturally like bright jewels, unable to deal with life and the twists and turns (like garburators breaking down causing one to fret (like someone we all know) overly over whether to get an Aeropress or not. Yes, I've identified the condition, I now have to accept it and then root it out and become a cold, calculating, Machiavellian (yes, I know it's not directly related to lack of empathy, but it's probably a necessary prerequisite) and generally not very nice person. That way, I'll have good coffee without having to clear up the grounds.

Right - back to reality. Today, I must call the ISP providers to sort out some bills, get some airline tickets (KUL-KCH-KUL) and figure out fusogenic lipids so one can stop recycling when it's been perverted to support bad behavior.