Did you say Tueeesssday?

It's Monday innit?

Okay, so the week has improved. Somewhat.

It's raining! Truly raining! And it's warm! Warm enough for the sheets of ice to melt and disappear down the drain, and I might finally  be able to get on my bike and regain my mobility. What a relief that will be. Since December 4th - that was the last time I was on a bike - I've been walking in uncomfortable shoes, or fighting commuters and the walking dead on buses.

Of course today with the heavy rain coming down in sheets (yes, come one come all), I'm staying home to read the updated edition of hallmarks of cancer (like to see Hallmark do a card about that). Then I'm going to pay bills and plan for the future.

You see, met Dr. G the other day and he was very motivating even if Dr. M wasn't - but then again, Dr. M doesn't have any managerial skills so why pay attention to him. He chases all the wrong things so feck him.

Dr. C now, that's another issue. If only he would hold his breath just to see.

Otherwise, the pooch is acting up cos he's bored. Can't blame him. He's not been able to run around in the field playing with other dogs. He's so bored that he runs up and down the stairs in a bid to entertain himself.

Thank goodness for Amazon Prime. I'll be able to order some chewy toy to keep him entertain. Why, he gets his dinner and breakfast in a big orange bowl now. How's that not entertaining or cheery?! So bright, so much food - 200 grams per day.

Today is the day I put my thinking head on and lay a series of fears and anxieties to rest. Yes, I have anxieties despite the bubbling brook gurgling around a stone in a zen manner (I'm the stone, the brook is life for those of you who are too literal) I project. After all, with all the rain coming who's to say that the brook won't become a river and upend the stone and wash it down to the sea? i wouldn't like that - who would except perhaps the fish big and small held in aquariums against their will.

So. For now.

  1. Academic stress is at bay because I've got a plan - just have to execute it now. 
  2. Financial worries are under control for the most part - have to ride out the next month in poverty but I've done that before. It can be my paean to Easter or losing weight (no money, no going out, no rich food, less weight gain) or something. 
  3. Family worries - also being managed in so much as one can manage the vagaries of life.
  4. Expectations - no new phone (sad), but a new set of head phones to replace the ones I have, which are dying a slow death. No new laptop as have got the Dell into my home environment now. So overall, I do have much of what I need. That's irritating in a way since it means I can't buy stuff. Grumble. Paean. Paean. Paean.
Right then - onto the hallmarks.