Expressions of December

I have 20 minutes to express myself today. We won't go into what 'express' really means.

Let's see. It's the 29th of December, and I'm a little bit more than pissed with the snowy slush that refuses to go away. I'm tired of it. I'm also tired of the barnacles - actually one particular barnacle - more like a limpet - in the hidden bomb sense - that also sticks around. There use to be a minor, easily transmitted disease, very common in children which formed little, red punctate dots on the skin that were itchy. I forget the name, i wonder if it's still around, or whether it's been renamed so as to flog some new drug against a 'new' disease. Another thing to mar the perfection of the human soul and being.

Be. That. As. It. May.

I'm not going to count my blessings. For every silver lining, there is a dark cloud. Yar.

  • Decisions to be made - too many. 
  • Applications - too many to fail at. 
  • Experiments - difficulty in deciding which one to do first.
  • Transit - too many trips due to the slush what prevents the use of the bike  - especially when the brakes aren't what they used to be.
  • Dry skin - much to much area to cover. Fortunately a mixture of oil and water helps relieve the itch somewhat. 
  • The Right Thing - wayyy overrated. Maybe 2017 is the year to be selfish, and to think about myself.
  • Online accounts and Passwords - too many to remember even with a spreadsheet.
  • The feelings of entitlement, privilege, egotism and narcissism held by so many people - not to be tolerated anymore.
  • People's obliviousness to the general surroundings - see immediately above. 
Pizza Carano - new extension, no longer a deli, but a telly-free bar. Trevor promised. He said that if there had to be a telly, then it would be integrated subtly into the background. 

Feelings of inadequacy - are that exactly - feelings what aren't confirmed until something actually happens (or not - see, all dark clouds have silver linings, and all silver linings have dark clouds). Not to mention, you've pretty much lived with this much of your childhood, and later, professional life. Piss on them. Yar. 

The Ass-holers - Hold them in disdain. That's all that can be done really. 

The shoes - they are on their way and should be here on January 3rd. I shall run on January 1st. See if I don't. I shall do it alone as is my wont too. 

The silver bulb (not lining) is also on the way, and could be a relatively cheap way of transforming my apartment lighting.

Not reading the news - it's not been bad. I've been better than expected about not getting caught up in news articles that are designed to bring the publisher monies rather than really inform the reader in a nuanced, thoughtful, non-sensationalist manner. 

I've also started introducing AB's advice on flossing on a more regular basis. This pain too shall be eradicated much like the wrist and shoulder pain from years past. The knees have been behaving themselves recently, although that could be due to the lack of runs in the past month or two or three - but look, who's counting? 

In the real world, I shall sign off on the NDA, have the talk, set up the second talk, go to Costco - just because I feel like it and then wash the white sheets - all three of them - synchrony finally - before dragging the pooch out for a long walk in the rain, then bringing him home for a bath before I head out to the see why Siri is so alone, soooo aloooone.

Otherwise, with some luck on Friday, there'll be sun and fun on the table. 

That's what I like about people like RB and TE - they have a very similar outlook and sense of fun to mine, so there's very little negotiating and/or manipulation - or pouting for that matter. 

Oh. My. i'm using initials again. What does THAT mean?