November Reboot

Well, my little darlings, how have you been surviving all this time without any attention or commas?

Miasma and balance
It's the end of November with December a-beckoning, and much has been happening around the world, not much of it good with whales dying, people being nasty to one another, and delusional tangerines oozing their rotting insides out to infect others.

Poor little me, I've been trying hard to fight this miasma of doom and gloom. The time change doesn't help, anymore than the incessant rain and dark grey clouds rolling in from the West do. In other words, it's a shit time of year, but this year, it's even shittier with the bright lights of liberalism and intellect what's capable of viewing things in shades of grey being dimmed everywhere by the dark, hooded beings with dead eyes who only see in black and white (and only white when it suits them).

A pox on humanity, today, I'm of the opinion that we need a huge calamity that will reset the world and give Earth the chance to cast off all these pesky fleas that are us, and start repairing her poor, broken hide.

Yes, it's time to start bowing to the powers that be again and write things I don't really mean just to get my way. Not, that I actually get my way, but never mind, it's all a game we play.

However, perspective is what I need and that's the reason for this whole writing exercise, or verbal purge. A purge is what I need. Been eating far too many slices of Madeira Cherry Cake. Although, mind you I think what could be needed is a sharp, ginger - lemon flavoured madeira cake. Hmmm. With vanilla butter cream icing and flecks of crystallized ginger. Ben is so wrong when it comes to taste. I'm sure I have much better taste than him - certainly less arrogant anyway. Sniff.

So, perspective - it's about balancing textures, tastes and looks - or so says the GGB SF - but I digress, my perspective isn't about good bakes. It's about the yin and the yan, the balance between sweet and sour, the light and the dark. Hence - my personal list of balance follows:

Svelte means eating more Madeira cake 
The fat bottom of the son of Voldermort (probably mothered by the dessicated sea cow) vs. the  improving  strain in my elbows  and knees. You see, the bottom will get fatter, but my knees and elbows will heal, and I'll be able to run again and remain svelte and erudite.

We shall see the light yet...
The rain and darkness just means that I will be able to take more naps, and play with led lights on that 210 square feet of space that I have. I shall make light displays that will outshine the star - although mind you, it hasn't yet made an appearance.

Not poppy seed bagels
The amount of text that I will have to write and edit will be balanced out by improving my chances of staying engaged in what I do. There are challenges that I will enjoy meeting - at some level. After all the Nobel prize in chemistry went to someone working in nanotechnology.

Dignity in the face of adversity
By coming to peace with what will happen to those who produce what I am, I too will come to peace with what will happen to me in the long run, whatever it may be. At least I hope so. Must die in a dignified manner so as to reproach those who aren't.

A loud weekend
I've discovered the Weekend's new album. Totally in love with it. This will balance my snooty, pretentious need to listen to dubious operas by second-rate composers just because some desperate conductor, singer or record label (mostly the latter) has hyped and declared so-and-so the latest unappreciated gem.

Start with, "It behooves..."
Finally - must remember that all documents loom large until you write the first sentence, then all of a sudden things fall into place and you realize which of your little darlings must be bucketed. So there you go, I shall go bucket now.