Unsettling times

No, this isn't any kind of diatribe about the US election, but times are unsettling.

It all started on Friday because once again, we were told to feck off. One. More. Time.

This means that I have to re-write again and spice stuff up...again. As Dr. Shark would say, Kill. Me. Now.

Be that as it may. I must cling on to two facts: 1) It's a crap shoot (actual quote) and 2) the critical comments from the last outing can be dealt with.

So it's a matter of sitting down and Getting. On. With. It. Again.

Sigh. Then also the new google Pixel phones are out - new name, new pricing strategy what makes them as expensive as the iFruits. Life is not fair. It never was, but I get very tired being reminded of this over, and over, and over again.

Then there's so much bad stuff happening to innocent people all over the world, and here I sit, worrying over tiny little things that probably won't make much of a difference to anyone. Is it any surprise that all I'z want to do is to take a nap with the Ashmolean. He may stink, he may slobber, he may lick but he at least lives for the moment.

Nonetheless, I do have somewhat of a plan, and the start of the plan is to change this CBC podcast what's going on about the futility of doing anything about climate change. In the meantime, the brat eats dead leaves which gets me going on rakes. Never mind, mustn't go off on that tangent. Instead, will focus on the good thing that happened yesterday at London Drugs (BOGOF on my favourite cleaning product for tubs and tiles) and listen to Nana Mouskouri. Yes. Na. Na.

My head, it does spin around at the moment. But for what it's worth, the first set of reviews are written. Have a few days to think it over if I want to make any changes before cutting the strings of fate for the applicants like the old ladies in some mythology or other.

So there you go - life is a circle, I write, it's reviewed and rejected, I review and reject. What could be fairer?

I must make more of an effort to avoid the news. Especially news about the election, the hype from tech companies, anything about the real estate market here, celebrities (one neuron per celebrity apparently), political shenanigans in my work place, the lack of funds for anything. Because after all, worst fears are worst fears and when you look at them, there's nothing really worst about them. Must also stop looking up news on Airbus, Boeing and Cathay Pacific. It's all hype. It's all hype.

Instead - I shall push the writing crap shoot exercise in the background while I try to take the brat out more regularly, run more (couldn't do any less) and work on the elbow and hip (but not, obviously, at the same time).

Time after all is running out and I can upset and tire myself out, listening to, and running after hype or I can sit like  a little pebble in a bubbling brook and be zen. It won't be easy, but I can work on it and see how it goes. It's worth a shot anyway - that and making lists.

Go grocery shopping
Put money towards PT
Cash in the Great Eastern Thingy
Savour the taste of good rice and fish
Enjoy the company of friends
Let go of the feelings of guilt
Realise that chewed up rug is a chewed up rug
Make soup
Develop new ideas for January and February's PET sleeve
Do the snip snip
Change to free range poultry and see things become even sleeker
Put the order in for the 17s and hope for the best, it will all work out even with a few delays

Alright. I fink I'll go do some writing now - but on paper, not digitally. Toodles.