Must make change

Let's hope this happens more often...

No, not a David Bowie tribute.

The way to make changes is to start. With small things if need be, but the main thing is to start. Yah.

Like what's his face telling me to go home and clean out my underwear drawer. Except today, I'm not going near that drawer. Instead, i think I might do something a bit less onerous like save the world from itself. Person by person.

Then again, maybe I'll just listen to all the versions of Evita that exist.

No. Seriously, today I want to get two plans together and try to run. And get the pooch some exercise before putting him in the slammer.

A paper list first so that I can decide on my priorities. Not important what's on the list, more important is to remember the gap (so as to temper expectations), to get off the cross (we need the wood), and remind self that the world doesn't need saving - it will do what it will, and is out of my control.

That way, my tummy might just settle down and not feel all knotted up. Must also look at finances and remind myself that if i absolutely needed to, I could cash in, and retire in KCH even if I'd be sweating a lot.

That's it. This was the first pair of socks put away.