What a dirty word - innovation.

How does one even begin to define it, and already I feel the walls of the rut crumbling in and falling onto me, burying me into a gap all of my own making.

"Mind the gap! Mind the gap! You hear on the London tube as you alight. What is this "gap", foreigners think, looking around for a furry rodent scurrying around the platform. They of course refer to the gap between the train and the platform – Mind the gap. The true gap, however, is the difference between what you think life should be and what life is, and its true name is disappointment."

Lovely start to this post. 
So where was I? Oh, nowhere in particular. I took the day off today and realized that I've not had this little sleep since 1993 when for 8 weeks in a row, I spent all my weekends exposing CHO cells to Ru-sulfoxides (read all about it in my thesis - it's available somewhere on the microfiche at the University what graduated me).  That was in 1993.

What keeps me up at night, or rather, gets me up far too early fo rmy comfort is the Ashmolean and his tummy upset. He's not got a happy gut at present. The reasons for this could be any of the following:

Guilty of eating rubbish
  • Unbalanced populations of gut bacteria due to 5 days of metronidazole
  • An inflamed GI tract due to something or other
  • An obstruction in his GI tract
  • A resurgence in that nasty bug that plagued him a few weeks ago
  • Food sensitivities to chicken or other
  • Overeating
  • An immature digestive system that hasn't yet become hardened to the culinary insults
  • Eating garbage on the sly that I don't know about

He's due at the Vet's on Friday for a booster shot, and I shall ask them what to do, and they'll ask me whether he's

  • eating (yes)
  • peeing (yes)
  • pooing (yes, but very soft and shapeless, and frequently)
  • acting normally (yes)
  • in pain, or any obvious of distress (no)
  • stressed (not likely)
  • has a distended tummy (look for yourself, what do I pay you for?!)

And then, they'll tell me it's one of the things above. I'll bet you this is what will happen.

My plan of action - unless I change my mind in the hours to come is to start with some probiotics to repopulate his tummy, maybe go on a bland diet for a day or two before reintroducing his regular kibble, ask about the panel of parasites, see about going for another course of panacur/metronidazole, and then the blood tests and x-rays, or ultrasound tests.

Then again, maybe it'll all resolve itself by Friday and I can simply breathe a sigh of relief.

I hope so. I'm tired of picking up creamy lentil soup from grass.

But back to innovation - I'm reading. That is my job at the moment - reading to come up with new ideas, and also to keep pushing ideas that aren't that new, but have to done to prove something or other. What the hell, maybe it's time to get a job at MEC.

I must remember that even though it feels like a lot of inactivity at the moment, it's normal because I'm in between ideas. Plus, must also remember that this is a good time to set the foundation with the pooch.

I must also get some sleep tonight and then continue reading tomorrow and take my time in letting go stuff like the bastard yoga gardener - may he rot. Oops, not quite letting go.

Must also remember to pay my bills and not let people take advantage of my good nature. I would like to get going on the boulevard and the landscaping as well. it will look better once mowed. That's what I think - however, all things take time to achieve. Next steps - get approval, then quotes, then do attend last meeting and bugger off.