Food Obsessions

I'm food obsessed. I can't help it.
Mine, not the Ashmolean's.

I crave sugar at the moment. Sugar mixed in with butter and white flour and almond extract, and sugary almond paste all baked into a glorious, golden pastry of some description. With or without sesame seeds - who cares.

I feel the need to go to T and T so I can raid their bakery.

I'm tired of eating viands and vegetables. Why can't i simply survive on honey nut cheerios and milk...oh, interesting segue - must make mental note to check whether HNCs are on sale at No Frills. That yellow-painted purveyor of foods. Yesterday I had fries from MD's and a McFlurry. Glorious. Simply glorious.

This was after a walk up to the Misty Mountains what weren't too misty and decidedly overweight with many big rocks and mounds of earth. The kids loved it, ran around, sniffing and eating whatever they could get their mouths on. It was exhausting keeping an eye on what they were getting into. I gave up after a while because you just can't do it properly. Little garbage mouth. Tsk.

Today, he appears constipated - almost certainly some sort of digestive upset or (hopefully not) some blockage. Sleep, eat, go downstairs, poo, look apologetic and come back up. Silly thing. If only he would make the connection between digestive upsets and foraging for things like leaves, insulation form, pistachios (with the shell on), seeds, soil, compost, small sticks, other poops, dog barf, bark, sand, styrofoam cups, paper labels, plastic bags, rotting bananas, apple cores - the list goes on - it makes me despair of the people in this world who litter indiscriminately.

I feel like there should be mandatory community service where you go out and pick up litter from the streets every 1 - 2 years to remind you of your social responsibility. Oh, I'm becoming like Lee Kwan Yew - I was told that this would happen, but didn't think it would happen this fast.

Okay. Today, we shall try to reset me - shave, trim, clean face and wear clean clothes that have all their buttons on. No running today because my knee hurts and I want to give it one more day of stretching and rest. Some cleaning, but nothing obsessive.

We shall also try and reset the pooch's gut with some pumpkin and lots of water to try and move whatever is bothering him along. At least, he's not barfing, not running a fever, being lethargic, or lost his appetite (Ha!).

I'm fast becoming an expert in doing visual exams of poop and ranking them. Dr. Shark was right, I have an eye of detail and would probably have been a very good pathologist.