I've always wanted to use the word 'sluice' in a sentence in real life.

I recently did. It was lovely. Another thing to tick off my bucket list.

In what context? Well, someone washed out their barbeque or something did so by tossing a bucket over it. I was asked to describe it, and hence 'sluice' was used.

Today, I couldn't do too much as I fell asleep quite unintentionally. I meant to take a little power nap which turned out to be a major sleep. Damn. I hate when this happens. If JK says that humidity terrifies her, I can only say that humidity makes me sleepy. And it is kind of humid here today - at least as much as Vancouver gets humid.

I'm not sure what's going on at the moment. I'm trying to be innovative and reading a lot, and the reading is putting me to sleep. Maybe it's also the subject matter. I'm reading about EMT, AuNRs, CAIX and how they all go together...just like in the final song of the Grease soundtrack.

I feel like I'm wasting my time, and feel like if this is the only thing I have to do in my life, it's high time I start looking at the NOAA website to find a place where I can save corals from bleaching. I can already see it - there I'll be coddling these poor corals - the burnt ones I shall slather with aloe to soothe their burns, and the ones in danger, I shall coat with sunscreen or place little parasols - you know the kinds you use in drinks - strategically to keep the worst of the sun's rays off them.

That would be a lovely job to do.

Anyway, I shall also have to solve the problem of the Ashmolean's gut problems. It is driving me to distraction, and probably isn't too comfortable for him either.

In any case, I've taken the first step ahead while we wait for the latent testing period to pass. It may not do anything in which case I shan't be any further behind, but if it does something, it gives me a base, and tells me that testing shan't be needed.

Please. Let it work. Please. Starts Friday - I will update you.