Time off

The guilt hangs heavy because there's a lull in deadlines so i don't have much to do except to generate new ideas, which, let's face it, aren't that easy to do when you're expected to also justify how they'll save the world from the seven plagues sent to try us.

Never mind, I'm getting other things done - like sleep. Hopefully.

Actually, that's an idea. A 20 minute power nap to make up for the lack of good sleep last night. I like that, then take the two kids out for a quick stroll before the rains power down. Do some logging (all mush, hot mush in the beginning, then more solid by night - what am I talking about, No answering Dr. T).

Anyway, life is good. Must remember this. Must also remember that I can't possibly save the world all by myself either.

Must also remember that everything should be done in steps. Steps so that can identify what's wrong like fixing a car. Yah. That's it. That's the solution.

Must remember that appetites are good, energy levels are good, and that complications aren't present.

After all, who's to say that we have to live according to the strictures of work right?

It's the whole PDF syndrome again. There used to be something that I'd say to myself, something along the lines of grading the different parts of life. So work isn't keeping me busy right now. There are other things that will, and which will improve things around me. So do those instead.

Okay, better get started making the perfect chocolate chip cookie, calling DC and generally being more connected to certain people.