Sheesh, it must be tough parenting a superhero infant. I say this because the pooch has supernaturally good (or at least, canine-like) hearing, seeing and smelling abilities. He also has a good memory for food related sounds (cans opening, plastic bags rustling, kibble falling into containers) and a food/chewing/foraging obsession (soil, sticks, leaves, cherry blossoms, nylon string, measuring tapes, phones, credit cards, chewing gum, labels on clothing, drawstrings, metal, elevator floors, locks, keys, fobs, tables, chairs, coats, buttons, zippers, ceramic bowls, leather things (not specifying what exactly), duvets, pillows - but not chew tows, and fortunately, not human fingers). This means I have to walk around very, very, very quietly and not make him think he's on the trail of food.

Otherwise, life continues with the occasional entertaining event - such as opening a jar of pickled peppers what peter piper picked precociously and prenaturally - it took two of us, four hands, gloves with grippy material and a grippy mat on the bottom of the jar. don't ask. It was validation for one after I helped the other get this jar open.

Today I decided to stay at home, get some work done without people bugging me with questions at work. I want to read two papers carefully on subjects I know very little about with the hopes of writing an application for June (cue hysterical laughter) and also cut the grass now that I've got JB's lawn mower for the day. All those Giardia oocytes will be flung up into the air yet.

Then must measure some land for plans and planting. Also want to do the AS travel thing as well so that have my options in hand. What else? yes, get that dristan down so that my throat doesn't go all sore and nasty - the celebration cookies don't help either.

Then must also check the latest aphid invasion on the honeysuckle. Bastard bugs.

At least not bastard mealy bugs.

The Ashmolean is being adorable today and pooping solid stuff again. Whew. You didn't need to know that did you?

Hey, at least better than people who dry their privates in public showerrooms with the hand dryer at swimming pools and stuff.

You really didn't want to know that either did you?