March returns

Yes...March returns - and actually it's already April, but whatever...

The Ides of March are over. The tax return has already come back which was much needed. My lectures are over. The reviews (mine and theirs) are done - both were vitriolic. Sad to say, they were.

I've been busy since January because

  • Grant applications (ended April)
  • Housing drama (not mine)
  • Trip to Oakland/Reno
  • Family meetings (Kuching)
  • Hip pain (mine)
  • Being a single parent (all my fault)
  • Hosting visitors
  • Service to my community (snort)

So - let's not speak of the first few items except to say that, it's done, I wait for results now but am not holding my breath, and am taking advil and starting yoga again. Hopefully this will help alleviate some of the nagging pain, but again I'm not hopeful. Will have to start some physio and massage therapy probably to get rid of it. 

Not been running much either, nor doing much of any exercise to be honest. Being a single parent and hosting visitors takes up so much time. 

I've purchased adopted a puppy - from a reliable breeder - whom I checked out and all that. He's lovely, but does he ever take a lot of work. The toilet training and late night pee and poo bring down 5 floors to the lawn and then scrabble in the dark to make sure that squishy, smelly logs go into the right bags without touching your fingers is exhausting. Anybody who's brought up a puppy knows what I'm talking about. I can see the advantages of having a backyard if you're going to raise a puppy now...

That aside, and a few poo and dietary concerns, he's a lovely little chap. A bit too fond of sleeping and being next to a warm body (doesn't matter whose) - in fact I caught him lying next to the heating vent of my laptop last night. But overall, he's a very chilled and relaxed puppy who is well-socialized, confident about meeting other people and dogs (maybe a bit too over confident) and is stubborn, but smart. 

He knows (when not too distracted) how to sit, lie down, stay (at least 4 seconds) before grabbing at food, and is beginning to put "off" into practice when attracted by some foul piece of garbage or other that is more than likely to give him diarrhea (another advantage of having a pup with poo issues, you learn to spell diarrhea very quickly). Oh pumpkin you are the great saver of least for now. 

Anyway, he's started off very well, is almost four months old and is on track to become an adolescent at which point he will stop paying attention to me and test boundaries. looking forward to that - I can't tell you how much...The good thing though is that he will get through the night without needing biobreaks more reliably now that his bladder (hopefully) is a bit larger and he has more control over it. 

So there you go - I've been busy, and yet not. Am in a bit of a work-related lull. Feel like I'm not doing much but must remember that it's ever like this after grants have gone in and am waiting for results that will most likely be "NO!", and "FECK OFF!".

But i give myself an A+ for family and social stuff. Particularly family stuff. 

here's another picture for the hell of it.